Reiki 2 Certification & Attunement Class Notes

Reiki 2 Certification Class

Congratulations Certified Reiki 2 Practitioner!

And, thank you for choosing us to help you with your Reiki Journey!

If for some reason you didn’t receive your Reiki certificate during class, you should receive it shortly.

Reiki 2 Symbols

Some students request the large colored printouts of the Reiki 2 symbols.

Click here for the link to printouts of the Reiki 2 Symbols.

Hands-On or Hands-Off?

If you want to do Reiki as a business, you’ll have to think about how you are going to handle touching people.

If you are not a licensed massage therapist, nurse, or another such licensed practitioner, you have to really be careful about touching when doing Reiki.

You may want to do hands-off when you do Reiki as a business. Or, you could present yourself as a spiritual practitioner and become ordained.

Here’s the exact wording according to Tennessee State Law.

When I read the law, I sense many gray areas. When I phoned the state several years ago, I couldn’t get a straight answer on whether we could touch or not. All I could get was that Reiki was governed by the Board of Massage Therapy.

If you present Reiki as a spiritual modality, there are no governing bodies.

A great book to help you with understanding the legalities of being certified yet not licensed is the book “Legal Guidelines for Unlicensed Practitioners“. It was required reading at the Academy of Natural Health Sciences where I studied for my Master Herbalist Certification.

Another great book for building your Reiki business is Business Mastery. It’s another book that is required reading at the ANSH. Business Mastery specifically for natural health and energy workers and has a bunch of great business tips!

Become Ordained: 

Reiki Reading

One of my favorites books covering info about making Reiki candles and past/present/future healing and attunement is “The Reiki Magic Guide to Self Attunement”.

See My Other Favorite Reiki Books

Allowed & Forbidden Terminology in Marketing

If you making a business of Reiki, you’ll need to be careful with your wording in advertisements and website info because of the FDA. You’ll also want a consent form, just to keep yourself covered legally.

My professor at the Academy of Natural Health Sciences had some really good resources for the Master Herbalist certification course I’m taking. You can easily alter them for Reiki Practice.

Get a Sample of My Herbalist Consent Form (You Can Alter for Reiki)

Get Examples of Allowed and Forbidden Terminology

Cool Movies

We usually talk about a couple of movies in Reiki 2.

Interstellar (2014) a good example of time/space continuum, and Dallas Buyers Club (2013) a good example of creating a “club” to bypass the FDA/AMA.

I just wanted to throw this one in there too, because I know that many people interested in Reiki are also interested in other alternative and holistic therapies.

I had to read the “Harry Hoxsey Story: When Healing Becomes a Crime” for one of my classes at Clayton College when I was working on my BS in Natural Health. It was a huge eye-opener!

Watch “Harry Hoxsey Story: When Healing Becomes a Crime” For Free

It is a good example of the attitude and behavior of the American Medical Association towards alternative modalities. And very disturbing that such a wonderful cure for cancer was made illegal…

Nashville Reiki Distance Healing Team

If you’d like to be a part of our distance healing team, please join our distance healing group on Facebook.

When we get emails for healing requests, we’ve started posting them here. We’re trying to get a good system in place for distance healing and feedback.

Our Reiki Lineage

Many of our students are curious about our Reiki lineage. We are very close to Dr.  Usui and Hawayo Takata!

See Our Reiki Lineage

Have You Completed Your Reiki Self-Healing Cleanse?

If you’ve not yet done the 21-day Self Healing from Reiki 1, you are missing out!! It’s not too late, you can do it now! 🙂

Please don’t be intimidated by the 21-Day Self Healing.

Learn More About The 21-Day Reiki Cleanse

I personally prefer the Reiki Three Diamonds Meditation for self-healing.

Get Instructions for The Reiki Three Diamonds Meditation

If you took Reiki 1 from someone other than us or need another copy of our Reiki 1 manual, you can get one here: 

Reiki 2 After-Effects

You might feel the effects of the Reiki and Attunement today, or within the next few days.

Reiki 2 stimulated synchronicity and intuition for me.

For Joyce, Reiki 2 was more powerful than Reiki 1 and gave her an increased sense of belonging and connection to everything and everyone in the Universe. 

The experience is just a little different for everyone, but always healing and with a wonderful outcome.

Please know that we are always here for you! 

If you have questions or need another attunement, just let one of us know! 

We are also happy to send you distance Reiki any time you need it! 🙂

Other Cool Links

The Foundation of Shamanic Studies

Earthwalk Ways Institute & Retreat

Keep Us Posted!

Please know we are here if you need help or have questions.

We’d also love to hear about your experiences!

Here’s our contact information:

Becki – – 615.975.3160

Joyce – – 615.364.3977

Check Out Our Upcoming Events

If you have any questions or if we can help you in any way, just let one of us know!

(And if any of the links above don’t work, please let me know.)

Blessings to you on your Reiki Journey! 🙂

~Becki & Joyce

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