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Learn About Reiki Level 1 Certification

Learn About Reiki Level 2 Certification

Learn About Reiki Level 3 / Reiki Master Certification

Why Take a Reiki Class?

Reiki is a popular form of energy healing that promotes physical, emotional, and spiritual healing.

Reiki is a popular way to use energy to heal your body, emotions, and spirit.

If you’re curious about different ways to stay healthy and happy, joining a Reiki class is a fantastic idea. Here’s why:

  • Personal healing: Reiki can help you heal physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Learning Reiki is like giving yourself a superpower for self-care and growth.
  • Helping others: Once you’ve mastered Reiki, you can use it to help others. Many folks find it incredibly rewarding to use Reiki to support their community and make a positive impact.
  • Professional growth: If you’re thinking about a career in healing or wellness, Reiki is an excellent skill. Many Reiki experts become certified and offer their services professionally.
  • Stress relief: Reiki is fantastic for relaxing and relieving stress. It’s good for you and a great way to support friends and family dealing with stress and anxiety.
  • Spiritual journey: Reiki isn’t just about healing the body—it’s about connecting with your inner self. It’s a powerful way to explore your spirituality and deepen your understanding of yourself.

Taking a Reiki class is an exciting opportunity to discover more about this amazing practice and all the good it can bring. Whether you’re curious about healing yourself, lending a hand to others, or even thinking about a career in alternative healing, Reiki has a lot to offer. It’s a journey worth exploring!

The Reiki Journey

Since 2012, I’ve been sharing the wonders of Reiki through teaching. Funny enough, when I began my Reiki journey back in 2010, teaching wasn’t even on my radar.

But as I immersed myself in Reiki, something magical happened—it started changing my life for the better. It became clear that I had to spread the word and share this gift with others.

Reiki isn’t just powerful; it’s transformative. It works its magic on your mind, body, spirit, and emotions, unlocking doors you never knew existed.

In my classes, I often hear folks say, “Hey, I’ve been doing that already!” That’s because Reiki is natural—it’s already a part of us. It’s like our higher selves already know it, and all we have to do is remember.

So, let’s dive into the world of Reiki together!

Empaths & Reiki

If you’re here, chances are, you might be an empath like me. But if you’re not sure, Dr. Judith Orloff’s empath quiz can help you find out for sure.

Empaths are people who really feel the emotions of others, like tuning into someone else’s radio station. Sometimes, it’s hard to tell where our feelings end and theirs begin.

If you’re an empath, Reiki is like a superpower for your personal growth. Trust me—I’ve been there!

In Reiki 1 class, you’ll learn how to navigate different energies around you and keep them from overwhelming you.

And guess what? Empaths are natural healers. We can sense others’ pain and just want to make it better. That’s where Reiki comes in handy.

The cool thing about Reiki is that it heals the healer too. As you let Reiki flow through you, it’s like you’re getting healed right alongside the person you’re helping. It’s pretty amazing!

What You’ll Learn at My Reiki Classes

The Different Reiki Levels:

  • Reiki 1 – Healing Yourself, Family, Friends & Pets
  • Reiki 2 – Distance Healing & Healing Others
  • Reiki 3/Reiki Master – Teaching Reiki, Passing Attunements, Reiki Business
  • Animal Reiki – Reiki for Pets, Creating a Healing Space for Animals

In my Reiki classes, I teach you:

  • the history of Reiki
  • the science behind Reiki
  • basic techniques
  • self-healing techniques
  • chakra balancing
  • how to run energy
  • how to protect yourself energetically
  • how to use Reiki in your everyday life

When you attend a Reiki class, you’ll get something special called a Reiki attunement.

During this process, you’ll be infused with “Universal Life Force Energy,” which boosts your ability to work with this energy. It’s like turning up the dial on your superpowers!

The attunement also helps balance and activate your energy centers, which can lead to healing in your mind, body, and spirit. Plus, you’ll have all five Reiki symbols gently placed in your palms and crown.

And the cherry on top? You’ll walk away with a Reiki Certificate for the level you complete.

So, why not join me in class? Imagine how awesome the world would be if everyone had these healing tools in their toolkit!