Private Outdoor Animal Reiki Class at JourneyPure by the River

Yesterday was the perfect day for a private outdoor Animal Reiki class!

Reiki is an amazing tool for helping animals recover from mental, physical, spiritual and emotional traumas.

Private Outdoor Animal Reiki Class at JourneyPure By the
Students practicing Reiki on one of JourneyPure’s therapy horses.

Joyce and I were both grateful and excited for the opportunity to show the JourneyPure team how to help their therapy horses.

Horses naturally absorb and transmute human energy and bring us back into balance. They are majestic, noble, and stoic creatures who much too often give without receiving.

It’s probably one of the reasons so many people love horses. Horses naturally make us feel good!

A Shaman’s View of Horse Energy

Here’s some cool shamanic info about horses.

Ancient shamans, and shamans still today, believe you should call on horse energy when:

  • You feel held back by external circumstances or conditioned beliefs.
  • You feel victimized and are blaming others for your current situation.
  • You have the urge to travel and explore but have doubts and fears about doing so.
  • Your suffer low energy and need extra strength and endurance to handle what lies ahead.
  • You desire to deepen or expand your spiritual practice, but don’t know how.

So, it’s no surprise magnificent horse beings are the perfect choice for therapy support to help humans through various healing processes!

But, all the help horses give us comes with a price. Horses are very sensitive and actually experience the energies of those they help.

Animal Reiki for Equine Therapy Horses

The equine therapists told us stories of how the horses interact with, pick up on, act out, and sometimes bear the burden of the different energies they encounter during equine therapy.

Some of the horses displayed unusual behaviors that correlated with different traumas and dramas their human participants were working through. Of course, such experiences can be sometimes exhausting for the therapy horses.

Lucky for the horses, JourneyPure’s equine therapists are very in tune and are naturals at animal communication. The therapists even lock the gate make sure the horses get a day off every week.

Joyce Dierschke Instructing Private Outdoor Animal Reiki Class at JourneyPure
My co-teacher, Joyce Dierschke, explains Reiki theory during the Animal Reiki Class.

Before starting actual Animal Reiki work, we go over the basics of Reiki and Reiki history, allowing the students to experience Reiki energy for themselves.

We teach participants how to see and feel Reiki (Universal Life Force) energy.

Many Reiki instructors require Reiki 1 as a pre-requisite to Animal Reiki.

But, Mother Earth and our animals need much immediate healing!

So, Joyce and I decided it’s better to offer Animal Reiki on its own, so people can start helping right away!

Therefore, we include enough Reiki history, theory, and animal communication in our Animal Reiki Certification class to provide the tools needed to start helping animals.

We do, however, highly encourage everyone to take a Reiki 1 class so they can become a more powerful channel and maximize benefits!

Experiencing Reiki Energy Private Outdoor Animal Reiki Class at JourneyPure
During an an Animal Reiki Class, students practice working with Reiki energy on each other before working with animals.

As we went through the animal portion, we explained how animals are more sensitive to energy than humans, how to create a healing space, and how animals react to their first experience with Reiki energy.

The horses amazed the students by reacting exactly as we explained during the class’s theory portion!

An Amazing Equine Animal Reiki Experience

One of the horses we worked experienced mental, physical, and emotional trauma from a prior trailer roll-over. He was very receptive to Reiki.

We formed a semi-circle around him and created a healing space. He immediately sensed the energy, twitching his ears back and forth.

He entered the semi-circle, curiously sniffing each person’s hands. We all knew he felt the energy.

He planted himself inside the semi-circle and we all worked on him.

He moved in and out of the semi-circle a couple of times.

Finally, he settled in for a few minutes. But only a few minutess! As I said, animals are very sensitive to Reiki energy!

After a short time, he breathed a huge sigh of relief and drowsily walked off.

But, he watched intently, with ears perked, the entire time we worked on the other horses.

Congratulations JourneyPure Certified Animal Reiki Practitioners!

The following practitioners completed a 2-Hour Intensive Animal Reiki Class including theory, hands-on experience, and attunement.

We’re so excited to have you support the health and well-being of our animal world!

Congratulations Certified Animal Reiki Practitioners:

  • Stephanie Adams
  • Rachel Henry
  • Margaret Rivers
  • Kandi Willhoit

You all ROCK and your animals are lucky to have you!

The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated.

Mahatma Ghandi
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