Learn How to Balance Your Chakras With Essential Oils (Webinar Replay 10/3/19)

Every essential oil carries its own unique vibration. For this reason, essential oils are an amazing tool to help us regain balance mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally.

During this class, we will cover what chakras are, how they affect you, and how you can use essential oils to regain energetic balance.

Video and transcription below. If you have any questions or if I can help you in any way, just let me know! 🙂


Every single essential oil has its own vibration. So, oils work really well and naturally with our bodies to help us on a vibrational level.

So, that’s what we’re going to go over today.

So, to introduce myself, my name is Becki. And I’ve been with doTERRA for, roughly for almost four years now. And, I just recently got certified as a master herbalist.

And, my story, in a nutshell, is, I met Sarah at a dog pet event. My tent blew over on her tent.

Sarah’s the person that’s been talking earlier if you don’t already know her.

And, she helped me restore my tent and, I ended up going to an essential oils for pets class with her and I was just like, totally wowed. Being a herbalist, I had, well I was extracting herbs in vodka and I had jars everywhere. When I saw how powerful these little teeny tiny bottles of oils were, it was like a little essential oils chemistry kit and I just went crazy over it. So that’s what led me to being I’m here today.

I love essential oils and amazed at what they can do. So, what I’m going to do now, is I’m going to pop off and pop my PowerPoint up and we’ll get to talking about chakras and essential oils.

So here’s my powerpoint. Now, I’m gonna share my screen. Okay. Can you guys see that?

Ok, that’s nice. Well, I’m having a little trouble here. Sorry guys. Can you hang on just a second? I need to do this slideshow. Well, I’m having trouble getting a slideshow.

Here we go.

Can you guys see that?

Awesome. Okay. So, we’re going to talk about how to balance your chakras with essential oils.

And, first of all, welcome everyone!

I’m so happy you’re here and I absolutely love supporting people who are motivated to naturally improve their lives with essential oils. And in today’s class, we’re going to discuss, why doTERRA, what is a chakra?

And, you’ll get an explanation of each chakra followed by essential oils and ways that those oils will support each of your chakras.

And a couple of things you guys to think about is number one, what stresses you out the most? Think about that. And, well I’m pretty sure everyone here is already into aromatherapy so we can probably cross that question off. And then, what comes to mind when you think of meditation? You think about meditation, what comes to mind then?

And I’m just kinda like you thinking about that stuff in the background and we’re gonna um, move on and discuss more about essential oils.

Why doTERRA?

Okay. So, why doTERRA? One of the reasons I chose doTERRA is because of their Co-Impact Sourcing. doTERRA sources their essential oils from all over the world, and each oil is derived from its indigenous environment. And, that makes the oils very powerful.

Because, when they’re grown and they’re harvest in the proper altitude, climate, seasons and soil, you get the power of the plant when it’s most potent, at the most potent source, and you get a far superior product.

And, that’s just the beginning of where doTERRA’s commitment to purity begins. Then, the second main reason is that the oils are CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade. And that’s really important because what that means is it means there’s every oil has zero fillers, zero synthetics, no dyes, no pesticides, no contaminants of any time.

You’re getting just pure, unadulterated oils grown by experienced farmers in their indigenous lands and then they’re harvested at the time when the oil, the, uh, constituents of the oil are the most powerful.

And, doTERRA created this standard as a promise to purity. And each and every batch is third-party tested so that you can be confident of that oil’s purity, and also of the potency.

And, I also love how doTRRA makes a positive impact in the world.

The Healing Hands Foundation

They have the Healing Hands Foundation, and that’s a nonprofit organization committed to improving lives through partnering.

They partner with organizations and offer hope to millions of people around the world. They, they bring hope to the world. They help people live their lives free of disease and poverty and help give them the tools they need to be self-reliant. And, that’s another one of the reasons that I love doTERRA.

Also, doTERRA has a post-convention tour coming up. And I remember when I went to my first post-convention tour and saw what the Healing Hands Foundation was doing. Oh man, it is just totally amazing. So, and then in addition to supplying the highest quality essential oils, they make a positive difference in the lives of the farmers. And I just think that’s truly amazing.

So, just in case not everyone here is fully aware of how to use oils, we’re going to just brush through this really quick.

How to Use Essential Oils

There are three ways to use essential oils and the first way is topically.

So what happens is when you apply the oils to areas of the body that needs support, they reach the bloodstream within 20 and then are distributed throughout the body within 20 minutes.

And it’s always best to dilute the oils and fractionated coconut, coconut oil to avoid skin sensitivity. If you’ve never tried an oil before.

And then there are hot oils that almost everybody always needs to dilute and then you should always dilute for children and the bottoms of your feet are a great place to apply the oils. The reason is that your feet are the most porous section of the skin. And it allows the oils to absorb much more quickly.

And then you can also apply the oils like on the back of your neck along the spine or at the different like pulse points where you would apply perfume. And then the second way to use essential oils is aromatically. And, just put a drop in your hand, rub your hands together, put your palms to your face and inhale.

That’s one way. It’s like, wow, you get all those oils really fast.

You can also diffuse. And, we recommend using a cold diffuser. Don’t use the little like candle things that heat the oils because heating damages the constituents in the oils and they won’t make as much of a difference for you health-wise that way.

And then the third way to use essential oils is internally in doTERRA is the only brand of essential oil that I would recommend using internally. So please don’t assume that it’s okay to use any kind of essential oil internally, because the purity of the product varies greatly. doTERRA has on their bottles if the oil is safe for internal use or not. If the oil is safe for internal use, there’s an FDA nutrient facts label on the bottle. So only ingest oils if you see that FDA nutrient fact label.

It looks just like what’s on the side of a Coke can or a box of cereal.

It’s an easy way to tell if the oils safe for internal use.

The Chakras

So next we’re gonna talk about chakras balancing. So what is a chakra? So, the feelings that we can’t always explain, that’s a good place to start with understanding the chakras.

For instance, the moment when your stomach feels like filled with butterflies or when you feel all choked up or when nothing comes out of your mouth or when the excitement you feel just pounds in your chest.

These are all experiences of your energy centers, you’re chakra. So, to kinda think a little bit more about chakras, think about those times in your life when you felt like, the first moment you held your child. How did you feel then? Your chakras were going nuts!

And maybe seeing your parents still holding hands while they’re walking down the street. Your first kiss. That’s a good one. Or how about standing up in front of an audience or group of people for the first time. That’s a good one, too.

So some things to kind of think about in your mind are like, what are some situations where you’ve had one of these experiences and how, and where, did you feel that in your body? And describe the feeling, and where it was located. And that kind of helps to give you an idea of how your energy centers are working.

So what exactly are the chakras? So, chakras are concentrations of energy and or nerve plexus in a particular area of your body and they strongly influence the emotions and the physical health of your body.

The idea that the body is comprised of both energy form and physical form has been around for over 5,000 years. So if you look back at the ancient symbol of the catechist, you see the importance that the study of health initially took into consideration both the physical and the energetic body.

So are there seven main chakras and they run along the central axis of the body, kind of like along the spine and they run from the root of the spine, um, which is like your tailbone up through the crown of your head.

And the chakras are sometimes referred to as Lotus flowers because they kind of open and close like flowers.

Like, a good example would be, have you ever been in a group of people where you didn’t know anyone? And you sat down beside someone, and you just didn’t like feel a good vibe with them and you just kind of felt like you were like sucked up within yourself ? So, if that has ever actually happened to you, you felt your chakras closing. That’s a good example.

Or maybe you meet someone for the first time and then you just feel like you’ve known them forever and you just feel really open with them. And you feel like, you can move in towards them, sit real close to them and it doesn’t bother you at all. So that’s your chakras being open.

So, what happened when they’re closed, when a chakra is closed, is the energy cannot travel through that chakra.

So, another way to think about that as like with acupuncture, you know, the needles move, they move the Chi around. With acupuncture, the body has like a bunch of little mini chakras all over. And those close up and that’s how the acupuncture moves the energy through your body.

But, anyway, back to when your chakras are closed. Energy cannot travel through that chakra. And when that happens, these are the days when you feel complacent or grumpy and maybe you don’t know why.

And that blocked energy contributes to both physical and emotional problems. Physical problems could be like pain or stiffness or feeling sluggish, things like that.

If a chakra becomes out of balance and uses too much energy, your organs end up overworked, and your emotions too. .So if the chakra is blocked or deficient, the shocker creates deficient organs and lackluster emotions.

For example, if an energy center with our feelings of self-worth or maybe personal power, if those are in excess, then it might affect the energy center of our heart or our ability to define love.

If it’s not in balance, it will pull energy from some of the other areas. So what we’re going to do next is we’re going to go over the basics of each chakra to help you understand them more.

And then we’ll cover which oils will help keep your chakras in balance.

So there’s a couple of things for you guys to be thinking about now. Number one, can you kind of like from what we’ve been talking about so far, think of maybe, which of your chakras might be out of balance and why?

Most people, when they come to the awareness that a chakra is out of balance, they can usually pinpoint one of the big reasons why.

And then, do you have any physical or emotional symptoms that might be associated with that and why?

Balance Your Chakras: The Root Chakra

So, first I’m going to talk about the root shocker. So the root chakra is located at the base of your spine. It grounds us into the physical world. It’s our center of survival and self-preservation. It’s associated body parts would be the spine, the legs, the feet, the colon, and your adrenal glands, which are your centers of fight or flight reaction.

The body functions associated with the root chakra are self-preservation, your digestive system, and the physical element is earth. The root shocker grounds you to the earth. And then the color of the root chakra is red.

So, and then we have the chart up here that kinda shows you what the chakra’s excessive characteristics are. So if your chakra, if your root chakra is way too open, then you might spend too much, have a hard time changing, have slow movements, heaviness, overeating, hoarding, that kind of thing.

If you are deficient, which means your chakra is more closed, your root chakra, then you’ll have the symptoms on the other side.

So just kinda like look at that and see if you feel any those resonating with what’s going on with you.

If your root shocker is balanced, what does that look like? So someone with a balanced root chakra would be very grounded. They have good physical health, they feel comfortable in their bodies and they have a sense of safety and security and be like that stable person that, you know, the one that you can always count on, just really stable.

They would be doing the kind of work they like. They would be prosperous. They’d be able to be quiet and still at times and they tend to be really good at being present in the moment.

So a few things to think about with your root chakra is like, do you feel grounded? Do you avoid the feeling of being in your own body? Are you comfortable with your body? Do you avoid or do you have trouble dealing with things at work or home or finances? And, do you maybe preoccupy your body with work, material, comfort, eating or security? And those are just some things to think about with the route shot

So the supporting oils for the root chakra are, doTERRA Balance will help you be more centered. Basil is like your core support for your root chakra. Frankincense will help you have a really good connection with yourself. Myrrh helps you connect to the earth, which truly is really good to ground you. And vetiver is calming and centering. So to use these oils, what you would do is, dilute them.

We usually recommend starting out with like one drop of essential oil to three drops of carrier oil. Or, we can show you how to make rollerballs if you don’t know how to do that. But diluting is necessary. And, then you apply the oils to the bottoms of your feet or at the base of your spine.

And that will help draw the energy down and balance you out with those oils. Another thing you could do is, um, if you’re feeling ungrounded, really good thing to do is diffuse two to three drops of frankincense and balance together.

Balance Your Chakras: The Sacral Chakra

The next chakra is the sacred chakra. And your sacral chakra is located in your lower abdominal area. It’s kind of centered between your belly button and pelvis .

And it represents your life, vitality, self-gratification, and passion. And then the body parts associated with your sacral chakra are your sacral vertebrae, and your reproductive organs.

And the body functions that are associated with your sacred chakra are your circulation, your urinary function, and your reproductive system. And the color for that chakra is orange.

So, another thing I’m telling you guys, all the colors in it will be on your cheatsheet too.

So you can experiment like when your charkas are feeling out of balance, use the right oils and then try wearing the color that helps. If you feel like you’re not grounded, where more grounding colors. If you’re feeling, you know, not so like you don’t have so much vitality, try wearing a little bit orange, that kind of thing. And using color helps a lot too.

With the chakras, we have symptoms of your chakra being too open, which are excessive. And then, if your chakra is too closed and you have the deficiency or the deficient characteristics.

So, and that’s the sacral chakra. And then just kinda like take a look at that chart and see if we maybe feel like any of those things going on with you.

And for someone with a balanced sacral chakra, a person with a balanced sacred chakra would have graceful movements. They would embrace change easily. They’d have emotional intelligence, they’d be very nurturing to themselves and others. They’d have healthy boundaries. They’d be able to enjoy pleasure and sexual satisfaction.

So, some things to think about with your sacral chakra. Here are some questions to ask yourself. Like, do you make room for pleasure in your life? Do you have a deep connection to your own needs or are you the person that’s always overstaying, extending yourself to help others?

Can you experience the sacredness of sexuality? Is your behavior appropriate or inappropriate? Do you respect the beliefs and the beliefs and boundaries of yourself and others?

So if you feel like you’re having a little trouble with your sacral chakra, these are the oils that will help you. And this is like a basic list of oils so you can like mix and match as you need.

I have a couple of recipes here. So to support the sacral chakra topically, there’s a really good roller blend that you can put in a 10 ml bottle. And I’ll send you guys all the PDF of this. So you’ll have all the recipes too.

But for the roller blend bottle, it’s a 10 ml bottle. And you put in four to six stops of juniper berry. Then, two to five drops of Melaleuca, one to two drops of ylang-ylang, and top it off with fractionated coconut oil. And what’s interesting about this is, that supports your sacral chakra, but at the same time, it’s really good for someone that has been having challenges with UTIs and things like that.

And that’s, so that’s kind of an example of how the energy of the body and the chakra expresses itself physically. And you see that a lot in the different chakras and we’ll get through some more of that later.

And then, some really good diffuser recipes for your sacral chakra is three drops of wild orange, one drop of ylang-ylang and one drop of bergamot. Or another good one is three drops of juniper berry and four drops of bergamot. And I’d just diffuse them, and they will help balance out of your sacral chakra.

So some questions to ask yourself if you’re not sure sacral chakra is in good shape. So, do you feel that your sacral chakra is balanced or out of balance and why?

Maybe look at that list again and then, think, what physical or and, or emotional sensations do you experience? And, which of these oils resonate with you?

And there might be another oil helpful for you to. A lot of times if you start working with the oils and something just really smells good and stands out is because your body’s craving it. And I would always add that into.

Balance Your Chakras: The Solar Plexus

So the next chakra we’re going to talk about is your solar plexus chakra. And this chakra is just above your navel center and it’s your power center. It’s your body’s powerhouse.

The solar plexus chakra represents our willpower or motivation or get up and go, action, our vitality, and our sense of personal power.

So, the anatomy associated with your solar plexus chakra are your pancreas, liver, spleen, stomach, and your lower back muscles.

And then the body functions, our metabolism, and digestion. The physical element is fire and the color is yellow. So, again, we have the lists here showing if your chakra is way too open, you’ll have the access of characteristics. If your chakra’s kind of closed up a little, you have the deficient characteristics.

Oh. And before I go any further, it’s totally normal for your chakras to open and close at different times throughout the day because your chakras create your aura, which actually is, is how the energy of your body interacts with the energy of your environment.

So, now that you are kind of going through and understanding what’s going on with your chakras through this class, just start paying attention in your day to day life and you’ll start noticing. It’s like, Whoa, my chakras out of balance. Now I felt that one close. It’s really funny when you start paying attention to it, but the opening and closing, you know, on and off throughout the day, that’s totally normal.

No one’s chakras ever stay open all the time or closed all the time. They’re always fluctuating because that’s how you become stable and maintain stability in your environment.

So anyway, so a balanced solar plexus, what does that look like? So someone with a balanced solar plexus will be responsible and reliable. They’ll have been self-discipline to have a positive sense of self. They’ll be confident, warm, and energetic.

They will be spontaneous, playful, humorous and they’ll be able to take some risks. So, some questions to ask yourself when you’re thinking about the solar plexus chakra. Is your sense of self consistent and strong? Can you stand your ground when you’re challenged? Are you comfortable being different from others? Are you true to your individuality in the face of peer pressure or do you feel the need to conform?

The supporting oils for the solar plexus, are listed here. And another thing that really helps with your solar plexus is to internally to take one to two DDR Prime, DDR Prime soft gels daily. They have a lot of the oils that are good for the solar plexus chakra in the soft gels. So that’s really cool. That’s a really easy way to help your powerhouse, your power center. Automatically.

If you want diffuse like five drops of lime and three drops of coriander, that’s a really good blend. Or like three drops of lime and three drops of citrus bliss. That’s, that’s really good. Like, I liked that one for work because it’s like a mix of creativity with zest for life, and smells, and it smells really, really good, too.

And then you can just mix and match with whatever you feel like you need. Topically, we recommend diluting the oregano always on an putting it on the bottom of your feet and that’s good so you don’t like become too attached to outcomes and it makes it easier to take risks and, helps keep you going that way.

And, I have a really cool recipe here for a do-it-yourself ginger lime foot scrub. Which, t like I said earlier, I’ll send you guys a copy of this.

So what you need for this is a quarter cup, Brown sugar, quarter cup of regular sugar, half a cup of fractionated coconut oil, and then just 10 drops of lime essential oil and 10 drops of ginger.

And if you want to make it even more exfoliating, use turbinado sugar because that’s a really large grain sugar and that helps with like deep exfoliation. But if you don’t have turbinado could all brown sugar or white sugar instead for the sugar part.

And then so you just combine all those and stir until it’s well combined and stored in an airtight container. and then just use it on your hands and your feet as an exfoliating scrub.

It works really, really well.

So, in thinking about the solar plexus, some good questions to ask yourself are, do you feel your solar plexus is out of balance after we talked about, you know, all this going on and what physical and or emotional sensations do you experience? And can you see yourself maybe using any of these oils on this list helping you feel better?

And then maybe, is there an oil that you, you go to when you’re feeling not so powerful. What your go-to that was it different than these. Or, are you already using some of these to help you with that?

Balance Your Chakras: The Heart Chakra

The next chakra is the heart chakra. And that one’s pretty self-explanatory. It’s located in the center of your chest. And it represents self-acceptance and loving the body.

Parts associated are the thymus and the lymph plans, the heart, the rib cage, lungs, lungs, skin, arms, and hands.

The body functions are circulation and the immune system.

The physical element is air and the color is green.

So, the chart here, it’s the same as the other ones. It tells you what, the excessive characteristics are if your heart chakra is to open. And, the deficient characteristics if it’s a little bit too closed up. And, do you notice any of those in, in you?

Either direction. Just kinda like, think about that a little bit.

And then, so what does a balanced heart shocker look like? So someone with a balanced heart chakra is going to be very caring, compassionate, empathetic, accepting, self-loving. They’re peaceful and they’re centered in their connect their content.


So, some more questions to ask yourself. Are you really communicating from the heart? Do you love your body, no matter what size or form? Do you listen to your body and give it what it needs? For example, rest, relaxation, feeding yourself nutritious foods? And those kinds of things.

Do you have a spiritual practice or religious practice or maybe meditation or prayer of some sort? And do you allow yourself to love and be loved? And those are all things that are associated with our heart chakra.

The oils that support our heart chakras. A wonderful one is doTERRA Elevation. The Joyful blend. Lemon is cleansing, thyme forgiving. Geranium is the oil of love and trust. Melaleuca releases boundaries and peppermint gives you a bouyant heart. It’s like a heart happy. It just is a feel good oil.

And here some good, some fun diffuser recipes. Here’s a cute one is called, let the good thymes roll. And thyme is spelled t-h-y-m-e. You blend two drops of thyme with two drops of lemon. The joyful heart diffuser blend is three drops of elevation with five drops of lemon.

And then if you want to help your heart or topically, you can apply 2 drops of doTERRA’s Peppermint essential oil over your chest and then layer 2 drops of Elevation essential oil over the top for energy and a pick me up!! And the peppermint gives you the buoyant heart and then the elevation, gives you even more energy and pick me up to go with that peppermint. And it’s a really good feel, good blend.

Some questions to ask yourself when you’re thinking about your heart chakra. So what physical or maybe emotional sensations, do you experience, do you think that maybe you experience these emotions more than others or less than others or maybe the same?

And which of these oils you think might help you? Or maybe maybe you’re already using some of them or maybe you have another go-to oil that’s not on the list that helps you with these things we’ve been talking about for the heart chakra. And if you have any other go-to oils and want to share it with the group, just put it in the chatbox. So it’d be really fun to talk about that.

Balance Your Chakras: The Throat Chakra

The next chakra is the throat chakra. Your throat chakra is located within your throat and it represents our self-expression and our communication.

And the body parts associated with the throat chakra are the thyroid, the parathyroid esophagus, neck, shoulders, arms, and hands.

The body function hearing. The physical element is ether and the color is blue or turquoise.

And , then we have excessive characteristics for if your throat chakra is to open. And the deficient characteristics for if your throat chakra is too close. And kind of kind of look at those and see if you feel anything resonating with you there.

And then, um, so what does a balanced throat shopping look like? So someone with a balanced throat chakra will have a resonant and full voice. They’ll have clear communication with others, they’ll have good communication with themselves, they’ll have good self-talk, they’ll be a good listener.

They’ll have a really good sense of timing and rhythm. They’ll live their lives creatively. And so those are some things you would see with someone with a well-balanced throat chakra.

So some questions to ask yourself when you’re thinking about the throat chakra. Do you speak your truth? Are you a good listener?

Are you conscious of what you were saying to yourself and others? Like, do you think before you talk or just let it rip? Do you have trouble keeping secrets? And then do you know when not to say something when it’s better to just fall back and not, not say anything?


So the supporting oils for your throat chakra. our Basil is renewing. Black pepper is releasing. Cilantro, releasing control. Ginger is for empowerment. Frankincense encourages truth, and lavender is for communication.

So, internally, if you want to use ginger internally for empowerment, just scatter drop of ginger oil to your green tea or your favorite tea and drink it twice a day and you know, it will help you with empowerment. Aromatically, for rest and relaxation. If you’re having trouble with your throat chakra, you can, diffuse like six drops of lavender and four drops of eucalyptus. And that’ll help relax and give you rest and help make you a better communicator.

So then some things to think about with your throat chakra, some questions to ask yourself are like. Do you have any physical or emotional sensations you experience? One that happens to me a lot is, you know, I want to say something but I hold back and I really feel it like my whole, my whole throat like tightens up. And then that’s something that happens to me a lot. yes, a get all choked up kind of thing. And, and that probably happens to a lot of people.

And then, which of these oils can you see using for yourself that resonates with you? And then maybe there are some other oils that are your go-to’s when you feel some of these things that you use that aren’t even listed. And that’s good too.

Balance Your Chakras: The Third Eye Chakra

So the next chakra the third eye chakra, our psychic center, and that’s located in the center of the forehead.

It represents self-reflection and knowing. The anatomy associated with a third eye chakra is your pituitary gland, left brain hemisphere, left eye, nose, ears, sinuses, conscious mind

So, take a look at this chart. If your third eye is way too open, then you’ll have excessive characteristics. If it’s a little closed up, then you’ll have some of the deficient characteristics.

And kind of see what resonates with you there. So someone with a balanced third eye chakra, what does that look like? So a balanced third eye chakra person would be someone with strong intuition. They would have really good insight. They’d have a creative imagination, good memory, good dream recall. They’d be able to visualize very well and they would have a good guiding vision for their life.

So some questions to ask yourself concerning your third eye would be like, do you have trouble focusing? Do you have difficulty telling the difference between what is real and what’s not real? Do you have trouble looking at things a little differently? Can you things from another angle? And, do you have trouble visualizing a plan? And those are some things to think about. Did it involve your third eye?


And then, the oils for the third eye. One of my favorites is Melissa. It dispels darkness. But the other thing, and I learned this when I , did a Symphony of the Cells with Boyd Truman. He recommended trying one drop of Melissa every day and, he said that it would make you know what to do and get you to do it.

So I ordered some right then and there and tried it. And it is, it is a very good motivational and helps you see what big picture kind of oil. And I still take it. I really like that. So that, and that’s Melissa.

And then lemon is for focusing, uplifting. Rosemary is for knowledge and it’s really good for if you like it, a headache in that frontal area. For me, Rosemary really helps that too. It’s like a pain in the third eye or something, I don’t know. But Rosemary is really good for that. And then sandalwood is divine devotion, Clary Sage for visioning, clarity and Juniper Berry for wholeness.

And then, to use these oils to help your third eye chakra, we recommend diluting at least one to three (one drop of essential oil to three drops of carrier oil) first until you’re used to what the oil is going to do on your skin. And, just apply on along your forehead, like along your upper hairline on your forehead. That is a really good place for those essential oils to work really fast.

And then, some questions to ask yourself about your third eye chakra.

Do you feel like this chakra is out of balance and, and why? Do you have a hard time, you know, making plans and things like that. And, then do you see any of these oils may be helping you with that? Or maybe you have another, another go-to oil that you use for when you’re in these kinds of situations. And that’s really good too.

Balance Your Chakras: The Crown Chakra

The crown chakra is located at the top of your head and it represents your self-knowledge your self-will and your divine connection.

The body parts associated with the crown chakra are the pineal gland, your pituitary gland, cerebral cortex, cerebrum, right eye, and right brain hemisphere.

And then the body functions are the central nervous system, subconscious mind, and large muscle control.

The physical element is thought in the color is violet. So then again on this chart, if your crown is too open, then you’ll have the excessive characteristics. And if it’s a little bit closed up, you’ll have the deficiency characteristics.

So, kind of look at those and see what resonates with you.

And then, what does someone with a balance crown shocker look like? So someone with a balanced crown chakra, they’ll have a really good spiritual connection. They’ll have wisdom and mastery, they’ll have intelligence and presence, a good presence and they’ll be open-minded. And they’ll question things. They have the ability to question things and they can easily assimilate and analyze information.

So then some questions to ask yourself about the crown chakra. Do you overthink things? Do you have a hard time turning your brain off at night? Are you closed-minded or open-minded or maybe somewhere in between? Are you rigid in your belief systems or you’re not really sure what you believe? Do you feel disconnected from spirituality or do you feel very connected?

So then the supporting oils for the crown chakra/ And then a lot of times like the third eye and the crown, a lot of the same colors and crystals and oils and stuff work really well for both of those. But, crown chakra, Melissa brings in the light. Purify is for purification. Frankincense is your connection to the divine. Sandalwood is sacred devotions and Zendocrine is good for transition. And then wintergreen for surrender.

And then some questions for you about your crown chakra. Do you feel like your crown chakra is balanced or not? And do you feel any physical or emotional sensations when we talked about the crown chakra and do any of these oils resonate with you for maybe helping you with what’s going on?

A Little More On Using Oils


So, a few notes on how to use the oils to balance your chakras.

Number one, make sure your oils are pure and not synthetic. Thanks, doTERRA for that! We know we got good ones there.

And then you also have to have very strong desire to release negative energies.

And you don’t have to take a long time to apply, but concentrate and kind of focus when you’re working with the oils.

The more intentional and energetically you are, when you’re doing this, the better your results will be.

And, it’s always best to start from your root chakra and work your way up towards the crown chakras.

When you’re picking and choosing the oils to work on yourself and make it a point to think high vibrational, loving and grateful thoughts and say kind things about yourself and others and make the process of healing your chakras special, and intentional and sacred.

Have like, make a little routine for it and take a moment and really think about it and feel what chakras are out of balance.

And then there are some things that you can do, on a daily basis that are supportive habits for keeping your balance, balancing your chakras and keeping them balance.

One is to pray or meditate. Another one that’s really kind of fun and cool is to make sure you eat a rainbow assortment of healthy organic plant foods.

And make sure you eat one of each color for each chakra every day.

And drink enough pure water. Get enough sleep, exercise and or practice yoga and let go of negative and nonproductive emotions.

Make sure you get a little bit of fresh air and sunshine every day. Use your essential oils. Use chemical free products. Listen to high vibrational music and enjoy gemstones and crystals. They’re amazing to help work with your chakras.

Gemstones and crystals are charged with unique, powerful energy. Just like I was saying earlier, that essential oils have a vibration. Crystals have their own vibration, too.

For example, a quartz crystal, has such an amazing vibration that, when the radio was first invented, guess what they use to pick up on the radio signals? Quartz crystal in those old timey radios. And all crystals have their own, their own vibration.

And then another thing to think about is, remember the power of color, even in your daily routines.

If you feel a little out of balance in one of your chakras, try wearing something of that color, even if it’s just a scarf, that’ll make a difference.

In Closing

So if you’re anything like me, you’re pretty excited about what you learned about chakras, and, you know, learning about how the chakras and energy work and all.

And, also you’re probably excited about doTERRA essential oils. The combination of those two just totally changed my life.

And, I’m sure you’re excited about trying the different oils with your chakras and maybe trying some new oils. I don’t know if everyone has oils that’s on here or not.

I see we have 15 people on here, so I’m just going to go through a little bit about this just in case there are some people on here that don’t know what’s going on with doTERRA.

So in doTERRA, we found that people usually fall under a few different categories.

So I’ll just go through this, you know, explain this to you and we’ll see what category you fall into.

The first category is people who just want to use the oils to make personal lifestyle changes. For example, if you simply want to court support you and your family’s health naturally, energetically and is so you’re going to want to use the loyalty rewards program and get the deepest discount on your products and you can really get the education you need with our group.

We, we are really up on education, helping people. And then if you’re in that category, please let us know and we’ll be happy to support you. Just, reach out to the person that invited you. If you have questions about anything or any of us, we’ll be happy to help you.

And then, the second category people, and maybe you’re this person, you’ve been sitting in the class and you’re thinking to yourself, man, I know so many people who are also looking to support their health naturally. They’re looking for this. And I’d love to be able to share the oils and information with them.

And then if this is you, not only can you share, but you can actually share and learn how to earn and get your products for free. So think about if you’re in this category or not.

And then the last category of people as people like me, people that started using the oils, fell in love with the oils, saw the difference that the oils made in people’s lives, and in their lives, and in my life.

And I’m just like everyone else. We have goals. You know, we want to create financial freedom, but yet you want to empower other people and really make a difference while we do that.

And maybe you like me, you’re thinking, hey, what if I combine this passion I have with the ability to supplement, supplement or maybe even someday replace my income. I want to learn about that, that that was me. That’s why I’m here today. I’m here for me and I’m here for you. And if you’re this person, you know, just get with one of us after the class so we can talk to about some important, really amazing programs we have to help you get started with essential oils.

This Month’s Special

And then the other thing I wanted to show you guys too is, we have some amazing promotions this month. And, these month’s special, with a $200 PV, you get like a ton of free oils. Anytime during October, all you have to do is place a 200 PV order and this is what you’ll get free.

You’ll get a 15 ml bottle, a bottle of Copaiba soft gels, and a 5 ml yellow Mandarin for free. That is an amazing deal. So Copaiba is one of my favorite oils. I go through this like crazy.

My husband uses it too. It’s similar to black pepper and it helps see anxious feelings. And when take taken internally supports a healthy immune and cardiovascular system.

And it’s also very, very high in cannabinoids. And in the cannabinoids that work a little better, some scientists think work a little better, than the cannabinoids in some of the hemp products you see on the market.

And that, well, yeah, I have a whole nother class coming up on that, so we’ll go over that later. And, the soft gels, they provide a daily dose of Copaiba essential oil in an easy to swallow soft gel. And I use that a lot.

It’s just easier. And then, when you take copaiba internally, it helps support your nervous system, your cardiovascular system, immune system, digestive system, and your respiratory system.

And then the Yellow Mandarin, it’s really good, is like a skin cleanser and toner if you like to make your own facial products. I like to add essential oils into some of my favorites.

And then this month’s product of the month is Clementine. It’s a natural hybrid of Mandarin and Sweet Orange. And it’s an essential oil that is cold-pressed, it’s cold-pressed from the feel of the fruit, like the other citrus oils. And it’s rich in the cleansing chemical component, limonene, but it’s sweeter and zestier than of the citrus soils. So Clementine has been shown to boost the immune system, support metabolic function and support gastrointestinal health.

So it can also help alleviate occasional heartburn and indigestion. And it also helps your respiratory function. And, if you put it in the diffuser, the aromatic benefits include elevating your mood and helping provide positive emotions. And then I already talked about the Clementine. And, so again, that was, any time during October. You don’t have to do it before the 15th, but anytime in October you can take advantage of this special.

Oh, the product, the 20% off product is Roman camomile. Roman chamomile like the top relaxer. And this roman chamomile is also safe for internal use. And it’s a real quick and easy way to make very potent chamomile tea if you need chamomile tea for relaxing at night.

The chamomile plant has been nicknamed the “plant’s physician” because of all of the positive effects that had on the plants growing nearby. The ancient Romans used chamomile for courage during war times. Chamomile also can be used in like face creams, hair dyes in shampoos and perfumes, but it’s mostly known for its calming effect on the skin, mind and body.

So, that’s more on Roman cam a meal. And then, that’s all I had for tonight. I hope. I hope I gave you guys some useful information.

Final Questions

I guess we can go ahead and I look in the chatbox for questions or something.

Awesome job, Becki. That was great. I don’t know about everyone else, but does anyone else feel like all their chakras are out of whack? Because I do! Now, I did record this webinar, so whoever invited you, if you want a recording of it, Becki, I do have a recording I can send to you. And I’m still waiting on a couple of people. So, if you want a copy, just type your email address into the chat or just let whoever invited you know that you want this and they’ll make sure that you get this information too.

I do have a couple of people, um, and one thing, I do actually have a couple of questions. I was writing down my note pad so it might help answer some of other people’s questions as well.

I noticed a lot of the same oils were used in a lot of the different chakras, which is nice. You don’t have to have so many different oils.

Yeah. You know, tell me a quick little story that’s like the herbalist thing. When I went to school my master herbalist, they’d call it simpling. It’s because a lot of times if you do your research and look at everything just right, you can find that one magic oil that covers almost all of the things you’re looking to take care of.

So, that’s something that is really fun to do and you can, if you have a modern essentials book or modern essentials app, you can just kind of like make a list. I’d do it like with a little column on paper or a spreadsheet or something, make a list of what’s going on and make a list of what oils help that. And you can usually find like one or two that take care of almost everything for you. And that’s a really good, efficient way to do it.

Awesome. And then I do have a couple other questions. So for each different chakras, there are seven chakras. So what was the first one again?

So, if you’re starting from the root, that would be the, where your tailbone is, the root chakra.

Okay. So then you had all those lists of wonderful oils. Now do you use every single oil or do you just pick a couple oils?

So, the best thing to do is to kind of sit back and take a look just like you do, like in wellness consultation, your top three concerns.

What’s going to happen is it’s going to be a lot of times different every day. So, what you might want to do is maybe like, not make a bunch of roller balls first and maybe like try diffusing. And I like just diluting a drop with the carrier as needed and see how it makes you feel.

Right. That was going to answer my next question is how do you use these? Do you use maybe one of them to fusing? Do you use one topically? Do you take one internally or is it better to add topically? So if you have a root shocker issule, you are probably gonna do that. Your heart shocker, for example, are you rubbing it directly on the chakra?

Yeah, you can do well you can do that. Really, it depends on how I feel . What I do, so I do take the DDR prime every day cause that has a lot of the recommended oils in that. So I’m getting that every day. And, the EOmega has a lot of those in it too. And I take that too. So you know, I get a lot of those internally. So I don’t really, you know, put the drops in my mouth so much, but based on how I feel, I will apply. And I usually, just depending on how I feel, I put the heart stuff right on my heart. I do the third eye a lot. I usually don’t have trouble being grounded and stuff. For me, it’s usually, it’s my heart, my throat, my third eye, and I’m like slathering and it’s different every day depending on how I feel. And sometimes I just go through and I know which ones will help. And then I just see what smells the best then, follow my inner guidance that way.

Awesome. I think that definitely helps in Kenyatta also asked. She said it’s very informative. Is there any specific protocol that needs to be done to balance your chakras? I’m guessing if she thinks maybe everything is out instead of just one thing. I think we kind of went through that a little bit and she said she’s new to chakras and energy healing. And I know you were gonna send us some stuff, so I’m not sure if it’s in there.

Yeah, I’m going to send it all. I have a really nice like PDF cheat sheet that you can look and you’ll be able to look at it and see, and make a note like what’s open and what’s not open. And, the tricky thing with chakras is it usually, it varies from day to day because your, it depends on your environment.

You know, if you see that one person that this one goes out of whack and you know, that kind of thing.

So I would, I would just, when you look at that, you’ll, you’ll be able to pick the top three and I would focus on the top three first that are bothering you the most. And then another thing you can do is. You can find online, even on YouTube, some really good like, um, guided chakra meditations and there’s also music that, resonates with your chakras too. And they’ll play that and that’ll help, and you’ll get like the scent and the sound and then you can then meditate and visualize opening your chakras that way.


And then Dr. April asks, what is your recommendation if you feel you have one or two things in each chakra, overall protocol and applied to the chakra area?

I think we’re all so very like, okay, we’re still in that mindset of what do we got to do? What do we got to do to fix it? Give me, you know, hold their hands every step of the way. Kind of like, you know, we know OnGuard is really good for boosting up our immune system and to supply that every day to diffuse it. You know, gargle when you’re feeling sick. So is there something all around just to keep us a whole well-rounded person?

I would start with that. So here’s the trick. So I would start with the ones that bug you the most. The top three that bug you the most and focus on those because what will happen is according to what the ones that are acting out the most, they’ll be drawing or pushing energy to the other ones.

So when you start getting those top three in balance, then everything will start balancing a little better. Then you can start tweaking. That’s what I would do. All right.

I’m extremely talkative so I cannot, especially when she’s at work, she knows she’s extremely talkative. Should I concentrate on the show? The throat chakra first? Is there a specific order that we should go in?

If you feel like you want to talk less at work, then the chakra, the cheat sheet will like give you a list of like several oils so you can match it. That’s why I wanted to send this to everyone because know not everyone has every oil.

So the chart has like several different oils for each situation. So you can match up then I would, yeah, I would try that. And the throat stuff I put right on my throat.

Question. Is there any way you can share your screen and show that to us for the ones that are on, just to have a visual as we’re talking about it maybe. Oh, the PDF? Yeah. Well yeah, let me pull it up. Let me think. I think that’d be helpful. Whoops. Okay, this will take me just a second. No problem.

Does anybody else want to throw in their email address? I think I have pretty much everybody’s. And if not, again, we will make sure you get this information. It’s being recorded. She’s going to send you some great information through your email and then stay tuned because Carly next month is going to be doing, another one of these zoom calls for monthly education on digestive support in cleansing. Carly is on the call. You can wave Kylie and say hello. Yes. So she’s fantastic. Becki did an amazing job on the chakrasas I’ve learned so much. Like I said, I can’t wait to dive in and start applying these oils on myself.

I’m assuming Beck9, do they have like a maybe a roller ball class for shakras Hey, I was going to D C I was going to do that. Like the make and take thing. I was going to let, it’s going to be like one of my next things. We’ll do a live class on. Everyone seems to like the chakra stuff. Hold up and I’m going to share it with you now. So, so, um, so it’s two pages. Can you guys see this? Yes.

Okay. So it’s a two-page thing and like the front page, this kinda like, um, goes over kind of like what we went over. So what you’re gonna find is like there’ll be little different recommendations but they all work. So, you’ll have a really good toolbox to work with. So the front is just like the basics of what we went over.

And then the second side, goes more into detail and, with what, and then the oils you can use with them.

And then if you don’t have the particular oil here, then you can go on the front and there are other oils. It tells you and the crystals you can use if you wanted to do that. Does that give us a little explanation? Just maybe one, we’ll do the throat chakra. Oh yeah.

So, if you showed the throat chakra, you’re going to go and so the throat chakra will be down here and it will be overactive. So, a good, almost everybody has a regular, so they recommend oregano for, for that one. And if you have any of the crystals you can carry, like wear jewelry with that crystal on it too.

You also see problems with physical issues here. If you guys are having issues with any of your chakras that seem to be closed.

So for example, for the throat chakra, problems with the nasal area, teeth, gums, irritated sinuses, job pain, TJ, TMJ disorders of the throat, ears, voice and neck elements. That’s crazy.

So if you’re having things going on in the chakras it’s crazy how all of that does. Our body is so incredible. Yeah. So then if you’re not, if you’re not sure about the chakra thing, you can look through and see what, physical problems you’re having and then match it up that way to the left there.

I think this is going to be great. Thank you so much for sending that Becki.

Yeah, you’re welcome. Does anybody else have any questions?

Whoops, I did I lose you guys raising your hand. No, back. You’re still there? You good?

Uh, I just lost my screen. Okay. I still see your screen on my end.

Oh, okay, cool. Okay. I’m going to unmute Becki. Becki. You’re on the air. I was writing about how to use them.

Well, will you be sending like oils draft to what? I was trying to keep everything up in writing. Like, let’s say the oregano. I know I heard something about putting it. Let me see my notes. Yeah, I had notes under the feet. What was it for the feet? Um, for the route for the root chakra. Right. So, some of them, the oils are good as multipurpose Some of them will help with a lot of the chakras. So you can look at what you have and experiment with that.

So the oregano on your feet is really good for grounding you. But if you’re having any problems with your throat chakra for being too open, dilute it.

I would dilute it or writing out at least one to three. And if you want to make a roller bottle with just one of the oils.

The rule of thumb is like I’d get a 10 ml bottle, 30 drops of that one oil and top it off with fractionated coconut oil or you can just buy it premade, too, in the roller bottle.

So, okay. Like the one I really like really like is the one, the black pepper, Linder ginger, Frankenstein. I have ablocked troat chakra. How do you use them?

Then what I would do with those three is I would get a 10 know roller bottle and I would put in 10 drops of each of those oils and top it off with fractionated coconut oil and just carry it with me and use it as needed. Okay. That’s whenever I make the roller bottles, my rule of thumb is 30 drops of essential oil and the rest fractionated coconut oil in there.

And so if I have three oils, I would do 10 drops of each. If I only have two oils, I would do 15 drops of each. But you can put like five or six oils in it and just divide it, like using rollers is a lot better.

It’s really handy and um, you don’t spill them and your oils last longer. And the cool thing about essential oils is, when you dilute them with, the fractionated coconut oil, the oils that, you’re still getting a really good effect in there. Just getting spread over a larger surface to get into.

And if you use fractionated coconut oil, doTERRA has done studies where to actually drives in deeper into your body, giving you more absorption and going into your bloodstream more effectively.

All right. I got it, that’s what I started getting confused about how to use them. As long as you, there’s no wrong way. Okay. Thank you. Thank you. Bye.

All right, I’m going to unmute April. She has a question. All right. April you’re on. Wait, you’re on now.

Okay. Now, Becki, I have a question for you. I have a lot of patients that I see that have gone through a thyroidectomy or they’ve had ovarian surgery. You know, they’ve lost an ovary. So each, each of their chakras could be, have affected by a surgical procedure, right?

The bodies experience trauma and you know, I believe that there’s still a, a spiritual presence of that gland or organ that’s still there. How do you, I guess like, what would your recommendation be or how do you view that in terms of chakra, um, gemstones, oils?

Like do you believe that you are still treating the organ or the gland? You know, like people have had their pain, they are, um, there, what am I saying? Hello? I’m drawing a blank here. They’ve had their gallbladder removed, they’ve had fibroid removed, they’ve had ovary removed. All those things. Do you, do you think that you treat that chakra? Like it’s still there? Like you’re honoring that organ, well, actually it was a diseased organ that they took out. So I’d love to hear your thoughts on that.

Well, that’s a good one. Well, for something like that, the first thing that I would look at is what the person’s experience, cause I think it’s going to be different from person to person on how, you know, how their internal makeup is and their physical makeup on how they accept that.

So I would gear the protocol towards what you intuitively think would make feel better first. And then, I mean, obviously, obviously we know it’s gone. Then I would start looking at, since it’s gone, what’s their body missing? And, I know if it’s thyroid they’re probably like taking a supplement or medication.

Well even, and especially like with mastectomies, with breast cancer, and mastectomies. That’s a big, big area. So that’s could be the heart, the heart chakra.

I am sure a lot of that is like not even mostly associated with the body part, but a lot of, there’s like a lot of chakra imblances. There’s probably a lot of solar plexus. They feel like they lost their power. So I would, you know, focus on the emotions for them. Okay. Yeah. Great question. Thanks.

Alright. Anybody else? I know we’re getting low on time here. Maybe one more question.


And you’re applying those directly to the chakra area, correct. Or your feet?

I like to apply directly to the chakra area. Essential oils will migrate through the body. Just like, you know, any kind of energy healing and Reiki goes, you know, it’s intelligent. It goes where it needs to. Essential oils are the same way. They’re intelligent and they go where they need to go to in whatever you put on, no matter where you put it on your body, within minutes that’s in your bloodstream, circulating all over. So the bottom of the feet is excellent. Especially if the people don’t really like the smell.

I like to recommend the bottoms of the feet and that way they’re getting the power of the oils without having to smell something that they’re not really fond of.

Question two. Yeah, I’m sorry. Do you use like sort of like the map of the feet to apply to the area or do you pretty much just slather it all over the foot?

Yeah, you can actually, essential oils are very, very, very super powerful when applied to acupuncture and acupressure points.

We actually, we’re going to be having a class on that, a live class on that and a little bit, probably November of I’m applying essential oils to acupuncture and acupressure points for emotion.

It’s really powerful emotional release. It’s a long story, but um, she is really amazing.More like emotional energy and physical energy they’ve found. There was a big study done by, Desiree Mangandog. She’s the one that created the class we’re going to be giving in a little bit here.

And, what she found was applying the essential oils to the different acupuncture points on the body was more powerful and last longer than even using acupuncture needles. But in her study, she also found that the majority of people’s physical ailments were actually either caused by exasperated by emotional situation, which in releasing the Qi with essential oils or acupuncture helps, if that makes sense.

All right. Awesome. Thank you so much everybody for coming. Thank you Becki. Any last words, Becki for us?

No, I guess what I’ll do is I will, should I send copies to like you and Carly, then you guys or how that whatever. I’ll send you the copy of everyone who sent it to me and then we can talk about it.

All right. So I’ll get you guys the information and then if you have any questions, just let us know. If you think of something later, just email us and we’ll get it taken care of for you.

And then like I said, I also have this recording you guys. So if you think of, Oh my goodness, I think my best friend would love to see this recording and they were still at work or they couldn’t make it today, let us know and we’re happy to send this along so that way they can watch it. Okay. All right guys and like I said, Carly, what date is your class again? I’m going to unmute you.

Yes, I am going to be doing it. I believe that’s the fourth. So Monday, November 4th. Okay. Because I was trying to get it as close to the beginning of the month as possible. So if anybody wants to do the cleanse starting in November, they have time before they start eating a lot at the end of the month.

Awesome. And what time will that um, and what was the class called and what time is it at?

It is going to be about cleansing and renewing the body. So it’s going to be a lot about detoxing and I believe I said it was going to be seven central time, which is six mountain time and eight Eastern.

Awesome. Thank you guys so much. And we will make sure you get all of that info too. And I’m so glad everyone was able to join today and if that is everything, Thanks. Bye. Okay.

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