The Tree Grounding Meditation – So Simple Even Your Kids Can Do It

Heal Your Life With A Basic Grounding Meditation

Just what is “being grounded”?

The dictionary describes it as a conductor that makes an electrical connection with a framework or the earth.  

Our physical bodies are basically connected or grounded to the earth by gravity, but what about our spiritual bodies? 

It is much more difficult to keep our spiritual bodies grounded.

Stress, pain, emotions, trauma, nervousness… all of these can cause the spiritual body to become ungrounded.  

When one is ungrounded, even though the physical body is still attached or grounded to the earth by gravity, one’s spirit or energy may be scattered in many different directions–all over the place.

Feeling hyper, nervous, hysterical, having trouble focusing, misplacing belongings, feeling “spaced-out” or like your “head is in a fog”—these are all signs of being ungrounded.   

One of the dangers of being ungrounded is that you are more likely to match negative energies and empathically acquire other people’s negative feelings.

It is quite simple to take your power back and become grounded again by using a basic grounding meditation. 

The meditation below is an adaptation of what was learned in the book You Are Psychic by Debra Katz. In addition to grounding you, the meditation is an amazing way to release negative energy.

The Tree Grounding Meditation

Imagine you are like a large tree with huge roots growing deep into the earth. This tree is so huge and so well rooted that nothing is going to knock it over. When I do the grounding meditation, the tree I visualize is similar to the “Tree of Life”.

The branches reach up towards and absorb love and light from the Creator, and the roots spread out deep into the earth, rooting you making you solid and strong.

Your grounding cord runs through the trunk, a route for energy to flow from above your crown chakra down through your root chakra—a clear channel from the light from above down into the depths of the earth.

This cord connects you to the center of the planet. Through this cord, you can release any negativity or any experience that is bothering you through your grounding cord.

Simply visualize the energy, person, or incident and see it dislodging from its place in your energy field.

After being dislodged, it is pulled down through the grounding cord by gravity, down through the roots to be dispersed back into the center of the earth where it dissipates and returns to its original source, to be used at a later time for something good.

There is nothing wrong with releasing a person from your energy field. You are not psychically harming the person, but releasing their energy so it can be returned to them.

Simply visualize all things that are not for your highest good being dislodged from your energy field and flowing down the grounding cord, into the center of the earth.

When you feel you have released everything that needed to go, you can draw in white light from the Creator. You can again visualize yourself as a tree, drawing in the bright white light of love from the Creator in through your leaves and branches.

Or you may want to visualize drawing this light in through your crown chakra. Visualize whatever feels right for you. The white light is entering your body, filling you up. You are feeling full of peace, love, acceptance and a connection to everything that exists.

The light continues to fill your body until you are completely full and it is spilling out around you. You continue drawing in the white light until you are surrounded by it, and it is filling the entire room around you. You have manifested peace, love, and acceptance in all of your surroundings.

The book You Are Psychic by Debra Katz is an excellent resource for grounding meditations.  It explains in great detail how to create your grounding cord, grounding yourself, grounding your surroundings, and even grounding a lost object so that you can find it.

Learn more about You Are Psychic by Debra Katz

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