Your DNA is Light? Science Says Yes.

Yes, DNA actually IS LIGHT according to Cyndi Dale in her book The Subtle Body: An Encyclopedia of Your Energetic Anatomy. According to the author, Fritz-Albert Popp and other scientists have uncovered a new understanding of DNA… DNA AS LIGHT.

The research shows that not only does DNA operate on a chemical basis, which has been the understanding of the scientific community for many years, but it also operates a level beyond this.

Popp has shown that DNA is basically a storage unit for light and even a source of biophoton emission.

Science teaches us that the electromagnetic spectrum is composed of photons.

Photons drive the body’s processes and produce different effects at different frequencies. Popp’s studies show that the human body is surrounded by a field of light, and that DNA responds to and interacts with the electromagnetic fields that make up this field of light.

The DNA, and the health of the body are very dependent of light. Scientific studies have shown that certain types of light cause problems while other types of light are beneficial to the human body… and some forms of light are even healing.

In her book, Ms. Dale explains that external light reaches and affects our bodies by operating as waves and particles that enter the body mainly through the eyes.

The eyes transpose light into electrochemical impulses, which the brain interprets.  The light then moves on to the body’s crystalline matrix or “fiber optic” network in the retina where it moves from the rods and cones into a different set of cells.

These cells are called the Muller cells, and through these, the light accesses the crystal matrix of the body and thus reaches every single part of the body.

“This crystal matrix is interrelated with quantum fields of photons that pulse throughout the body. These biophotons act upon the entire electromagnetic spectrum, transferring information through each of its layers. The movements are facilitated by the electromagnetic polarization of DNA, which acts as a guide to direct optical information. The electromagnetic and biophoton energies can either be coherent or incoherent. “

-Cyndi Dale, The Subtle Body: An Encyclopedia of Your Energetic Anatomy

According to Ms. Dale, studies have shown that this “coherency” partly within our control. 

Practices such as holding positive thoughts in our hearts will create a coherency between biophoton and electronic emissions, which changes the DNA so that our bodies are healthier. 

Yes, DNA is Light!

Check out the book to learn more about your subtle body and energetic anatomy!

Source: The Subtle Body: An Encyclopedia of Your Energetic Anatomy by Cyndi Dale

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