How to Boost Your Metabolism Naturally Using the MetaPWR System

Many people equate metabolism to weight gain or loss. However, your metabolism is so much more!

What is Metabolism?

Your metabolism influences your energy, weight, body composition, and cognitive performance.

Metabolism is the sum of the chemical reactions that change food into energy for our cells.

Our cells need this energy to power us in life, which is the foundation for everything, from moving to thinking to growing to aging.

Metabolism is a complicated chemical process.

We may have only learned about metabolic health in its simplest sense: as something that influences how easily our bodies gain or lose weight. But it is much more!

At its core, metabolism is simply our body using fuel (like food) to create the building blocks and generate the energy required to run cellular processes.

Few people know our metabolic function is affected by aging—and that is certainly partially true—the reality is that optimal metabolic function can support healthy aging.

Factors that reflect the state of your metabolic health include:

  • blood sugar
  • blood pressure
  • lipid types and levels
  • weight

Good inputs like exercise, eating right, developing solid relationships, managing stress, getting rest, and superior supplementation can positively affect metabolic health outputs like blood pressure, blood sugar, body composition, and weight.

A Metabolic Health Awakening

Did you know that only 6.8% of American adults have optimal cardiometabolic health?

That means 13 of every 14 people can now benefit from metabolic health support.

And if you’re someone who is in the 6.8%, you may even be looking for ideal ways to maintain your metabolic health!

How we move, what we eat, the quality of relationships and rest, managing stress, and choosing superior supplementation all play a role in optimal metabolic health.

And, of course, genetics affects metabolic health too. But exercise, diet, rest, and relationships—are all lifestyle factors you can influence for the better!

There are no quick fixes to optimal metabolic function—you still have to make wise and healthy lifestyle decisions—but the MetaPWR system can maximize and optimize the effects of your wellness lifestyle choices.

Sometimes when you don’t see immediate results from your healthy lifestyle choices, or the results aren’t as pronounced as you hoped they’d be, it’s discouraging.

The MetaPWR system can help your healthy choices count a little extra.

Healthspan, Biological Aging & Metabolic Health

Today is the best day to influence the rest of your life! Getting older shouldn’t rob you of your quality of life—and it doesn’t have to. You deserve a life full of health and vitality at every age.

Metabolic health and biological age are inseparable. In other words, the stronger your metabolic function is, the better you’ll feel from the inside out.

While lifespans’ might be increasing around the globe, how many of those extra years are spent truly feeling healthy and full of vitality and wellness? Or are we spending those extra years unable to do the things we love because of poor health?

There is a big difference between our “lifespan” and our potential for “healthspan.”

Unlike lifespan, which is strictly the years in your life, healthspan refers to how long your wellness and health last.

In the video below, Dr. Russell Osguthorpe explains the difference between healthspan and lifespan.

On average, the last eight years of life are typically spent with inhibited ability to enjoy life fully due to health limitations.

It’s time to CLOSE the gap between lifespan and healthspan and put more life in your years!

What if we could look great and feel better from the inside out?

DoTERRA MetaPWR Advantage contains our proprietary Healthspan Complex, formulated with 12 synergistic active ingredients that can slow biological aging and extend our healthspan.*


Remember that aging happens from the inside, outward. It’s all rooted at the cellular level. By middle age, NAD+ levels in the body are half what they are during our youth!

NAD+ ensures proper cell function so we can age healthily.

NAD+ is a naturally produced molecule crucial for the function of all 37.2 trillion cells in your body.

It gives power to cellular repair and helps generate most of your cellular energy.

Supplementing with natural, quality sources of NMN may increase NAD+ levels in the body, according to preclinical studies. More confirming clinical research is needed.


Most of what you’ve been taught about collagen is wrong! Let’s talk about why.

Collagen is a protein found in bones, muscles, skin, and tendons that helps hold the body’s cells together. It is the most abundant protein in the body.

The body is made up of 30% collagen at a young age, but this percentage declines with age. And there are 28 known types of collagen in the human body.

Most collagen products on the market have 1 or 2 types of collagen at most. doTERRA MetaPWR Advantage with marine collagen and NMN doesn’t have just one or two types of collagen. It includes nine unique collage tripeptide types.

Supplementing with a wide range of diverse collagen types helps promote joint mobility, tissue strength, and skin elasticity. This means you can recover faster and move with more ease.*

DoTERRA MetaPWR Advantage provides nine types of collagen tripeptides from sustainable marine sources infused with doTERRA CPTG essential oils. We are genuinely emphasizing the whole-body role of collagen.

Blood Sugar Stability and Optimal Energy

Blood sugar levels are one of the most significant markers of health. These levels naturally fluctuate depending on eating and activity patterns.

It’s crucial to note constant spikes and crashes in your blood sugar are hard on your body and contribute to poor functioning cells.

Like blood sugar levels, a rollercoaster ride once or twice a year probably wouldn’t cause long-term issues. However, riding the rollercoaster multiple times a day, week after week, might have some consequences.

MetaPWR Metabolic Assist helps minimize the impact of this wear and tear on your body.*

Considering that less than 7% of the US adult population has optimal metabolic health, most of us can afford some extra support. That’s what MetaPWR Assist is for.*

Complex carbohydrates are aptly named as their sugar chains are longer and more complicated to digest, making them “slower” and less likely to spike your blood glucose.

When taken before a large meal, MetaPWR Metabolic Assist includes natural ingredients that can help turn “fast carbs” into “slow carbs.” In basic terms, the mulberry leaf extract binds to carbohydrates, so the glucose doesn’t hit your bloodstream as quickly.*

What is doTERRA MetaPWR?

doTERRA MetaPWR is: Meta – short for Metabolic Health meets PWR – Personal. Wellness. Realized.

The doTERRA MetaPWR system can help you optimize your metabolism, curb cravings, shed excess weight, and have more stamina throughout your day. It can also help to slow biological aging and extend your healthspan.*

DoTERRA MetaPWR is not a single product. It is an entire SYSTEM designed to help you optimize your metabolic health.

These products, combined with healthy lifestyle choices, are a powerful tool for unlocking your personal wellness.*

The MetaPWR System and Products

Every product in this system features the new MetaPWR Metabolic Blend as a critical ingredient – the power of our pure essential oils fueling every aspect of the system.*

MetaPWR Metabolic Blend combines powerful essential oils known to promote
a healthy metabolism when ingested.*

When used internally, the flavorful blend of MetaPWR oils helps manage hunger throughout the day while supporting a healthy metabolism.*

When taken internally and used with healthy lifestyle choices, the MetaPWR Metabolic Blend can support you in reaching your weight management goals.

For best results, combine with the MetaPWR metabolic system.*

This synergistic blend has been scientifically optimized and tested for maximum metabolic impact.*

If you got results using Slim & Sassy, just wait until you try MetaPWR!

Suppose your blood sugar levels are already in a normal range. In that case, MetaPWR Metabolic Assist can smooth blood sugar spikes and dips to keep your blood glucose levels steadier and your energy levels more consistent.*

MetaPWR Metabolic Assist features mulberry leaf extract, which displays the ability to reduce post-meal blood sugar spikes by 42% when taken with your meal.*

When you take MetaPWR Metabolic Assist before a meal, the mulberry leaf extract helps your body to metabolize what you just ate more slowly.*

Of course, MetaPWR Assist works best with a healthy, whole-food approach to eating.

MetaPWR Advantage with marine collagen and NMN redefines how we slow biological aging to put more life into our years.*

MetaPWR Advantage can help maintain healthy levels of NAD+ and collagen in your cells, supporting metabolic and cognitive function, lean muscle, connective tissue, and skin health.*

MetaPWR Advantage supplying marine collagen, NMN, and 10 other active ingredients, is the product that will support the natural production of NAD+ in your body while helping you slow the signs of aging both inside and out.*

The key ingredients in MetaPWR Advantage give your cells what they need to combat cellular deterioration.

The result is slower biological aging; firmer, more elastic skin; improved cognitive function; more lean muscle and connective tissue. *

What People Are Saying About MetaPWR

I’ve recently started using the MetaPWR System myself. In only a few days, I lost some weight and experienced more energy and clearer thinking. I’m super excited to see what my long-term results are!

Here’s what some other MetaPWR users are saying.

If you’d like a free ebook explaining the MetaPWR System in more detail, just let me know, and I’ll email you a copy!

If you have any questions or if I can help you in any way, just let me know!

12/4/23 Update on My Personal Experience with the MetaPWR System

I’ve been using the MetaPWR System for over a year now. I’ve lost over 50 pounds, and I feel amazing! I need to find some good before and after photos to share.

The other things I’ve noticed over the past year are:

  • My hair and nails grow much faster.
  • I get more/deeper sleep (monitored by my Fitbit)
  • My vision has improved! Both distance vision and near vision need less correction than they did last year and in the past. My optometrist was really surprised by that! (I’m 57.)
  • I can handle more stress, and my focus is better at work
  • Improved energy levels

But, by far, my biggest win was the weight loss. I’ve struggled with weight since I was a teenager. It was always difficult for me to lose weight, and I was never able to keep it off. Now, I actually weigh 10 pounds less than I did when I was in high school, and at that time, I was running every day on the track and cross country team. Now weight is not really a worry for me anymore. It’s like everything has just been reset.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease.

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