doTERRA Air-X: Freshen the Air and Your Mind at the Same Time!

Have you tried doTERRA’s new Air-X Blend yet?

If not, you are missing out!

We all know that most commercial room sprays and air freshening plug ins ar toxic.

And, many of use use a diffuser daily.

But what if you could really cleanse the air, make your home smell like a spa, and boost your body, mind and spirit all at the same time?

If there was something out there that did all that, wouldn’t you want to try it?

Guess what, there is such a product–doTERRA Air-X!

What is doTERRA Air-X?

doTERRA Air-X is a blend of the natural air-freshening essential oils Litsea, Tangerine, Grapefruit, Frankincense, and Cardamom.

Air-X’s aroma is intense citrusy, woody, and faintly herbal. It is designed to help freshen the air when diffused.

Experimental research suggests that Litsea, an essential oil used in Air-X, soothes and promotes feelings of openness.

Results from early research demonstrate Limonene, a major component found in Air-X, offers cleansing benefits.

Overall, the scent is amazing! I have it going in my diffuser right now and my house smells like a spa.

Benefits of the Oils in doTERRA Air-X

As I mentioned earlier, the oils in Air-X are:

  • Litsea Fruit
  • Tangerine Peel
  • Grapefruit Peel
  • Frankincense Resin
  • Cardamom Seed

Not only does the blend make your space smell wonderful, the oils also have some pretty amazing mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual benefits.


Litsea is a refreshing, rejuvenating essential oil with a lemony aroma.

When diffused, Litsea creates an atmosphere with fresh, bright energy.

Emotionally, it is a powerful will mobilizer. It encourages you to follow through with your inspirations.

We all have intuitive or “aha” moments of inspiration when our minds are open and connected to higher consciousness.

In this open state, both information and energy flow freely.

Unfortunately, we often shut down or discard our intuitive inspirations when we judge and criticize the light we receive.

Litsea invites you to have the confidence to act on the this intuitive information and trust the wisdom of your higher self.

It also gives you the courage to face the fear that comes immediately after inspiration and helps you take that “leap of faith” into the unknown so you can manifest your heart’s desire.

Litsea also teaches you to trust your inner voice and rise above fear, rejection, and the need for external confirmation.


Chinese culture and herbal health practices have used tangerine for centuries.

Tangerine has a sweet tangy aroma that is very uplifting. Its main benefit is joyfulness and it can lift the darkest moods.

It’s an amazing tool for people who are run down or overburdened with responsibility.

Tangerine encourages you to be creative and spontaneous. Your creativity gets stifled when you create rigid standards for yourself.

Tangerine helps you make room for your creative side and reminds you bring more joy, fun and spontaniety into your life.

It helps you access the abundant pool of creative energy from within your spirit.

Then, it helps that energy flow through your heart and into physical manifestation.

Tangerine teaches you to enjoy life, be creative, and remember and relive the fresh joy and gladness you knew as a child.


Grapefruit teaches yu true respect and appreciation your physical bodies.

It helps if you struggle to honor your bodies and get caught in negative patterns.

Grapefruit helps with patterns of abuse such as:

  • severe dieting
  • judging your body weight or type
  • neglecting your body
  • self harm

Such negative actions often come from hate and disgust buried with the psyche and gets directed towards the physical body.

Though we may obsess over how we look, deep down we never feel we look good enough. There is persistent dissatisfaction with our appearance.

Grapefruit also curgs emotional eating by encouraging a positive releationship with your body based on love, acceptance, and tolerance.

It also helps you respect your physical needs and understand your true needs and impulses, taking responsibility for what you feel.

Grapefruit helps you take ownership of your feelings and learn how to address them.

As you do this, you’ll find you no longer need to hind your feelings behind food, body abuse , eating issues, strict diets, or other obsessive actions.


Frankincense reveals false truths and deceptions and invites you to release lower vibrations and negativity.

It helps you create a new perspective based on truth and light.

Frankincense helps you remember your soul’s spiritual understanding, wisdom, and knowledge.

It helps connect your soul with it’s inner light, revealing the truth.

Frankincense also helps you create a healthy attachment with your father.

In addition, frankincense aids spiritual awakening and helps you feel the spirit of the divine.

When you feel abandoned or forgotten, frankincense reminds you that you are protected and loved.

Frankincense is tremendously powerful and gentle at the same time. It’s like a loving father who guides, protects and nurtures.

It shields your body and soul, protecting you from negative energy while helping your soul through spiritual evolution.

Frankincense enhances your prayers and meditations while opening spiritual channels allowing you to connect to your higher self and the Creator.

Through Frankincense’s light and power, you will draw closer to divinity, healthy masculinity, and your higher self.


Cardamom helps you regain self-control, objectivity, and mental sobriety.

It helps when you feel frustrated and angry with others.

Are you “hot-headed”? Do you get possessed by anger, losing control, and rationality? If so, cardamom can help.

It brings back mental clarity, balance, and objectivity.

Cardamom is an amazing tool if you have a long history of anger or aggression that gets directed outward.

It also helps if you hyper-focus on your problems and frustrations.

By directing energy to the solar plexus, cardamom breaks down the intense emotions of anger and frustration.

Cardomom helps you stop blaming others and own your feelings.

As you do so, you’ll feel more calm, peaceful, and in control.

How to Use doTERRA Air-X

Also known as the “Air Blend,” doTERRA created Air-X was with aromatic use specifically in mind.

I use six drops in the diffuser when using in an average-sized room.

However, it is also safe for topical and internal use.

With its lovely aroma and supportive benefits, Air-X is a great blend to use topically.

Simply apply it topically to your chest and back or the bottoms of your feet.

Because Air-X has citrus oils in it, avoid applying it in areas that will receive direct UV exposure, or simply apply it when you know that you won’t be spending time in the sun for several hours.

Air-X can be used internally as well. Just add a drop of Air-X to your water or favorite beverage.

If you have an questions or if I can help you in any way, just let me know!

Get doTERRA Air-X

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