Are Your Negative Thoughts Holding You Back?

Excuses! We all do this. You know what I’m talking about.

Those little excuses you tell yourself when something doesn’t go your way.

For example, imagine you’re having trouble finding a relationship.

You explain it away with something like, “women only want men who drive nice cars” or, “men are only interested in women with a specific body type.” 

Negative Thoughts are Limiting Beliefs

Such negative thoughts are examples of limiting beliefs.

Limiting beliefs statements you believe to be 100% fact.

You believe so, even though there’s evidence proving otherwise.

For example, many men find all female body types attractive!

And, there are plenty of women in relationships with men who own inexpensive vehicles. 

These altered realities (aka limiting beliefs) are holding you back from exploring all the possibilities available to you.

How? Because you’re allowing negative thoughts to control your perspective. 

The Trick to Overcoming Limiting Beliefs

The trick to overcoming your limiting beliefs involves you taking the time to educate yourself and ask yourself plenty of questions.

It’s also important to try and figure out what fears and anxieties caused your negative thoughts in the first place.

When you very strongly feel a certain way, or feel you may be experiencing a limiting belief, simply ask yourself “Why? Why do I feel this way?”

Then, when you get the answer, ask yourself again “But, why?”

You may need to repeat the process several time. But keep working with it.

Dig deep. It’s well worth it.

Because when you pinpoint the fears and anxieties that cause your limiting beliefs, you have a huge “AHA!” moment and a whole new world opens up to you.

And, if you keep asking, the process will repeat over and over again.

You’ll find yourself living in a brand new, better world.

Enjoy it!