doTERRA December 2020 Promotions

It’s time to find your holiday cheer! Whether you’re putting up a tree, wrapping presents, or baking your famous Christmas cake, doTERRA can help create the perfect holiday atmosphere! 

What’s your favorite essential oil scent to get you in the mood? Something warm and spicy like Cinnamon or cool and refreshing like Peppermint? Don’t forget you can jazz up your holiday bakes with ingestible essential oils too!

Avoiding the stores this year? Check out doTERRA’s gift guide to find something for everyone on your list!

PROMOTION: Gift of Kings – Frankincense 200 PV

One of the most prized and precious oils due to its rich aroma, Frankincense is often referred to as the “king” of essential oils. In addition to its notoriety in the New Testament, the Babylonians and Assyrians would burn Frankincense in religious ceremonies and the ancient Egyptians used Frankincense resin for everything from perfume to salves for soothing skin. This centuries-old knowledge contributes to the modern uses of Frankincense oil today.

Frankincense oil has extraordinary health benefits.* Its soothing and beautifying properties are used to rejuvenate skin and help reduce the appearance of imperfections when applied topically.  Frankincense is known to support healthy cellular, immune, nervous, and digestive function when used internally.* Combine Frankincense essential oil with essential oils like Bergamot or Lavender and inhale or diffuse to create an experience of peace and satisfaction.

Any single 200 PV order will qualify (enrollment, one-time, LRP, and so on) for a FREE bottle of Frankincense.

10% OFF: Cardamom

A close relative to Ginger, Cardamom is known as an expensive cooking spice and for being beneficial to the digestive system in a variety of ways when ingested.* Cardamom is commonly used internally to help soothe occasional stomach discomfort.* Its distinct scent can promote a positive atmosphere. Ingested Cardamom also has profound effects on the respiratory system due to its high 1,8-cineole content, which promotes clear breathing and respiratory health.*

Native to Southeast Asia, Cardamom is added to traditional Indian sweets and teas for its cool, minty aroma and flavor. doTERRA Cardamom essential oil is extracted from Cardamom seeds grown in Guatemala, using doTERRA’s strict CPTG® testing standards. 

PRODUCT OF THE MONTH: Balsam Fir & Dolomite Ornament

Welcome this amazing seasonal duo! Our stylish, dolomite ornament is paired with Balsam Fir, a fresh and woody essential oil native to North America. This pairing is perfect for the time of year and it’s sure to become a new favorite with oil enthusiasts!

Balsam Fir essential oil is sourced in Canada through Cō-Impact Sourcing®. Balsam Fir contains both alpha- and beta-pinene. Both constituents, according to experimental research, may provide benefits for the skin when applied topically.

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