doTERRA 2019 Holiday Gift Guide (While Supplies Last!!)

doTERRA 2019 Holiday Gift Guide

Check Out the doTERRA 2019 Holiday Gift Sets!

Kick-off your holiday shopping with the new 2019 doTERRA Holiday Gift products!

Here you will find something for everyone on your list. And, maybe you’ll even snag a few gifts for yourself. I know I did!!

From oil-infused teas to a beautiful new hand wash, you are sure to find something extra special to brighten the season.

Browse the holiday guide and be first in line to get the Brevi® Stone Diffuser, handcrafted dryer balls, or doTERRA Touch® Trio.

Holiday products are available starting November 1, unless otherwise noted. Supplies are limited, so don’t wait!

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Brevi Stone Diffuser with Holiday Peace

Enhance and transform any room with doTERRA Brevi Stone diffuser. The Brevi diffuser can run five hours continuously and ten hours intermittently.

Holiday Peace essential oil blend includes the calming aromas of Siberian Fir, Douglas Fir, Himalayan Fir, Grapefruit, Frankincense, and Vetiver for quiet contemplation during this holiday season.

Wholesale: $44.00 | Retail: $58.67 | PV: 20

Learn More About The Brevi Stone Diffuser With Holiday Peace!

Holiday Joy

Holiday Joy essential oil blend makes every house feel like home. This proprietary blend combines Wild Orange, Cinnamon, Cassia, Nutmeg, and Clove with the fresh and airy scent of Siberian and Douglas Fir, rounded out with the sweet notes of Vanilla absolute creating an essential oil blend that’s a doTERRA Christmas tradition.

Wholesale: $24.50 | Retail $32.67 | PV: 24.5

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Holiday Peace

The holidays are a time of family and celebration, and also quiet contemplation to consider the blessings of life. Diffusing Holiday Peace holiday blend is a wonderful way to get into the mood of the season.

Wholesale: $24.50 | Retail $32.67 | PV: 24.5
Learn More About Holiday Peace!

Nepal Dryer Balls with Wintergreen Oil

Made with love, these handcrafted wool dryer balls and cotton bag holder provide needed jobs and income to improve the economic well-being of women in Kathmandu, Nepal. The balls are created from organic, chemical- and dye-free wool harvested according to international ethical sheering standards. The bag is 100 percent cotton, locally sourced.

The set comes with a 15 mL Wintergreen essential oil. Through doTERRA’s Co-Impact Sourcing® initiative, our source of Wintergreen comes from Nepal where it is wild-harvested by rural villagers then distilled by community-owned distillation facilities. This process creates increased economic opportunity for very remote regions in rural Nepal.

Wholesale: $29.50 | Retail: $39.33 | PV: 20

Read The Dryer Ball Sourcing Story  | Learn More About Nepal Dryer Balls With Wintergreen Oil!

Concrete Lava Rock Diffuser

Crafted from concrete and lava rock, this decorative diffuser is the perfect way to enhance any setting. No water or electricity is needed, so the diffuser is perfect for use on desktops, nightstands, and for travel. Package of two.

Wholesale: $12.00 | Retail $16.00 | PV: 0

Learn More About Concrete Lava Rock Diffusers

Storage Case

Easily and safely transport your key essential oils to your next destination or store them in this beautiful padded case with a graceful black floral design. The case holds 16 doTERRA 15ml/5mL bottles and six 10mLs. (Oils not included.)

Wholesale: $16.00 | Retail $21.33 | PV: 0

Learn More About The Storage Case

Yarrow|Pom Travel Collection

Never be without Yarrow|Pom with this travel collection, perfect for keeping that special glow while on-the-go. This collection is truly a change-maker, delivering a powerful three-layered approach to vitality, outstanding overall wellness, and beautiful skin. The trio includes Yarrow|Pom Active Botanical Nutritive Duo 15mL, Yarrow|Pom Cellular Beauty Complex Softgels (30 count), and Yarrow|Pom Body Renewal Serum (1.5 ounces), all in a midnight blue, pebble-grain cosmetic bag. Available December 1st.

Wholesale: $79.00 | Retail: $105.33 | PV: 60

doTERRA Touch® Trio

This trio, in a beautiful cylinder gift box, includes three new doTERRA Touch products: doTERRA Balance® Touch, Helichrysum Touch, and doTERRA Serenity® Touch, all perfectly blended with Fractionated Coconut Oil and ready for applying.

doTERRA Serenity Touch: a blend of Lavender, Cedarwood, Ho Wood, Ylang Ylang, Marjoram, Roman Chamomile, Vetiver, Vanilla Bean Absolute and Hawaiian Sandalwood, has a calming and relaxing aroma perfect to apply just before bedtime.

Helichrysum Touch: The name Helichrysum is derived from the Greek “helios” meaning sun and “chrysos” meaning gold; this blend supports glowing, healthy-looking skin.

doTERRA Balance Touch: is a perfect blend of Spruce, Ho Wood, Frankincense, Blue Tansy, and Blue Chamomile, in a base of Fractionated Coconut Oil offering an enticing aroma that promotes tranquility, centering and relaxation.

Wholesale: $65.00 | Retail $86.67 | PV: 50

Learn More About The doTERRA Touch Trio!

Holiday Truffle Collection

Indulge yourself this holiday season with doTERRA essential oil infused decadent dark chocolate truffles. A perfect pairing of essential oils and dark chocolate. Two unique flavors are in each package with eight individually wrapped truffles—four Turmeric, Ginger & Orange and four Cinnamon & Cardamom.

Wholesale: $8.50 | Retail: 11.33 | PV: 5

Learn More About The Holiday Truffle Collection!

Herbal Tea Collection

doTERRA introduces two unique loose leaf herbal teas designed to indulge your taste buds while providing a delightful luxury to the day. And, of course, there’s nothing better than a warm cup of tea. The tea collection features two beautiful decorative tea canisters. Immune Booster tea features a flavorful infusion of CPTG® Lemon and Wild Orange essential oil, combining powerful immune-enhancing properties with herbal notes to create an invigorating blend of warmth. Soothing tea, infused with CPTG® Bergamot essential oil, creates a calming and soothing experience. 40 servings per tin and a tea steeper is included. Available December 1st.

Wholesale: $34.50 | Retail $46.00 | PV: 15

Shea Butter Collection

Pamper your skin with the rich hydration and luxurious feel of pure shea known for deep moisturizing and the ability to soothe and protect dry skin and hair. Shea butter is extracted from the nuts of the Shea tree, sourced from East and West Africa through fair trade partners. The collection includes four .8 oz Shea butter balms: Helichrysum & Rose infused, Yarrow, Blue Tansy & Neroli infused, Magnolia & Yuzu infused, and an unscented balm.

Wholesale: $38.50 | Retail: 51.33 | PV: 25

Learn More About The Shea Butter Collection!

doTERRA Serenity® Linen Mist

doTERRA Serenity Linen Mist creates a relaxing environment for a restful night’s sleep. This tranquil blend includes Lavender, Cedarwood, Ho Wood, Ylang Ylang, Marjoram, Roman Chamomile, Vetiver, Vanilla Bean Absolute, and Hawaiian Sandalwood. Spray your pillow or bedding before bedtime and the mist will transform your room into a peaceful sanctuary helping you awake refreshed.

Wholesale: $6.75 | Retail $9.00 | PV: 5

Learn More About Serenity Linen Mist!

Holiday Peace® Hand Wash

You’ll use this decorative doTERRA dispenser throughout the year and start this season with Holiday Peace infused hand wash. Perfect for family gatherings and holiday prep to keep everyone clean and smelling of a fresh forest. The harmonious aroma of Holiday Peace will help bring tranquil and serene feelings home.

Wholesale: $22.00 | Retail: $29.33 | PV: 10

Learn More About Holiday Peace Hand Wash!

What makes these products even more special is their purpose: the doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation®. The foundation seeks to bring healing and hope to the world, and to ultimately empower impoverished communities with the tools needed to become self-reliant.

doTERRA Hope Touch®

doTERRA Hope Touch is a blend combining the fresh scent of Bergamot with Ylang Ylang and Frankincense, then sweetened slightly with the warming aroma of Vanilla Bean Absolute.

Wholesale: $20.00 | Retail $20.00 | PV: 0

Learn More About doTERRA Hope Touch

Rose Hand Lotion

doTERRA SPA Rose Hand Lotion promotes smooth, beautiful skin with CPTG® Rose essential oil. As doTERRA’s most valuable essential oil, Rose makes this hand lotion unique in scent and benefits to the skin.

Wholesale: $20.00 | Retail $20.00 | PV: 0

Learn More About doTERRA Rose Lotion

Holiday products available November 1, unless otherwise noted, while supplies last. Limit four of each product, per account, per household.