Everyday Shamanism: Spider Animal Spirit Guides

Everyday Shamanism: Spider Animal Spirit Guides

What Are Spider Animal Spirit Guides?

Spider Animal Spirit Guides are one of the many spiritual tools nature offers us on a daily basis.

Any living creature can serve as an animal spirit guide.

In Shamanism, when you have an unusual experience with an animal or have repeated sightings, you are receiving a message.

The animal can be in physical or symbolic form.

Your first priority is to understand what the visitation means and to understand the message being sent to you from the spirit world through the essence of an animal.

Interesting Spider Facts

Spiders are arachnids.

They differ from insects by:

  • Having only two parts to the body (rather than three in insects)
  • Eight legs (rather than six in insects)
  • Six or eight eyes (rather than two in insects)
  • Spinnerets on their abdomens that produce silk

Spiders also have jaws with venom-injecting fangs.

Spiders exist world wide, thriving in over 45,000 species.

Their great numbers make Spider Animal Spirit Guides readily available to help us!

Spider is in The House

My house backs up to the woods, which means I see little critters on a regular basis.

However, I haven’t really noticed many spiders in my house lately.

Until now. Last night, while cleaning the house, I noticed a little black spider up high on the kitchen ceiling.

I’m the type of person who, rather than killing spiders, likes to relocate them outdoors.

Looking up at him again, I decided to wait until morning and see if decided to move on.

Spider Makes the First Move

The next morning, Spider was in the exact same spot.

He looked like a little tiny black spider, not more than a centimeter long.

I had a few phone calls to make, so I decided move him a little later.

I filled my favorite stainless steel bottle with water, set on the counter by the sink, and went to fetch my phone from the office.

Minutes later, I returned or my water bottle.

To my surprise, Spider had somehow transported from the ceiling to my water bottle lid.


However, looking up close I realized he wasn’t a little black spider at all.

He had gorgeous little black and gray patterns all over him. Spider looked fuzzy.

Meanwhile, Spider looked back at me. His little head stretched up a bit.

At this point, I realized Spider had a message for me.

Amazing Spider Interactions

Spider appeared to analyze me in just the same way I was analyzing him.

However, Spider was probably getting a much better look at me than I was at him.

Most spiders have eight eyes, you know!

Eight eyes and eight legs.

I slowly turned the bottle to make Spider face opposite me.

He kept perfect pace, so we maintained eye contact the whole time, my two to his eight.

Interesting, I thought.

I wondered what message the spirit world was sending me via Spider.

I moved my finger up to the water bottle lid.

Spider moved towards my finger. I wondered if he might bite me.

Spider touched my finger with one leg and looked up at me.

Interesting! I moved my finger away. Spider kept looking at me.

I put my finger back. He moved towards my finger again, climbing partially on.

My brain flashed a visual of Spider running up my arm and down my shirt.

Again, I moved my finger away.

However, I intuitively knew Spider was an animal spirit guide, and he had a message for me.

Finally, I decided it was time for Spider to go outdoors.

Water bottle in hand, I carried Spider to the hedge. He gracefully climbed on a leaf and crawled away without looking back.

Spider Animal Spirit Meaning

As I mentioned earlier, the first priority is understanding what the visitation means.

I needed to understand the message being sent from the spirit world through the essence of Spider.

My favorite book on animal spirits is Animal Spirit Guides by Steven D. Farmer, Ph.D.

According to Dr. Farmer, when Spider shows up it means:

  • You should access your deepest wisdom, assimilate it, and make it part of your daily life.
  • Keep an eye out for potential traps or ruts that tempt you to become involved.
  • Don’t let yourself get stuck in an impasse. Think outside the box, be open to life’s limitless possibilities, and make a choice.
  • It’s time to write creatively, without traditional limits and habits. Allow nature to inspire you.

Call on the Spider Animal Spirit Guide when you:

  • Feel trapped and can’t find a way out.
  • Suffer from negative experiences and want to understand the teaching and meanings for growth as quickly as possible.
  • Are unhappy with your current lifestyle. You want to make major changes. But, you feel stifled by your fears and limiting beliefs.
  • Feel imbalanced in any way. You want to become balanced again mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally.

Thank You, Spider Animal Spirit Guide!

Well, Spider’s message hit home with me in many ways!

In fact, the message below hit me the hardest.

It’s time to write creatively, without traditional limits and habits. Allow nature to inspire you.

This message instructed me to write, and share with you, my personal interactions with Nature’s Animal Spirit Guides.

To be honest, everything Spider stands for is in my life on some level.

With Spider’s wisdom, I’m able to take a closer look at myself, learn, and make some needed life changes.

Thank you, Spider, for giving me insight and direction!

I hope you enjoyed the info, and please share any inspirations you have!


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