May 2020 Natural Health News

By now, most of us have adapted to changes brought about by COVID-19. I’ve been thinking about what life will look like once this is over. Many of us have experienced losses, and my heart goes out to everyone.

In light of the current situation we are facing, we have two options. To THRIVE or to retreat. I know which one I’m choosing—how about you?

In January, I asked, ‘What would need to happen with your health for you to look back at the end of 2020 and say, “This was the most impactful year of my entire life!”?’

As we adjust to new normals, how can you THRIVE and get back on track to make 2020 impactful?  

Have your healthy eating habits gone rogue? Have you lost your motivation to workout? Whatever goals you set for 2020, you still have tons of time to achieve them! Check out this month’s promotions for great ideas to get you started!

Becki Baumgartner, BS MH


Monthly Promotions

Protect and Respond Kits

Get the kits that’ll give you peace of mind. Available all May. Protect what’s important with either kit that will give you peace of mind when it comes to safeguarding your home and family. With everything you need at your fingertips, each kit will help you respond to any situation with confidence.

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Pilot™ Diffuser

Meet Pilot, the portable diffuser that can go everywhere you do—in the car, to work, or from room to room. Wherever you go, the Pilot is standing by, ready to diffuse your favorite essential oils. Plus, it’s made from eco-friendly materials! 

Mother’s Day

Get the exclusive Mother’s Day collection—a set of floral oils as beautiful and unique as you (or the precious women in your life). Each is blended with Fractionated Coconut Oil and has a beautiful aroma to wear singularly or layered with other floral oils. Included in the Precious Floral Collection are Rose Touch, Neroli Touch, Jasmine Touch, Magnolia Touch, and Blue Lotus Touch.

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Solutions for Dogs with Cushing’s Disease: How to Make Your Best Friend Feel Better

What Every Dog Owner Should Know About Cancer: An Arsenal of Medical, Holistic & Alternative Options

What Your Vet May Not Tell You About Torn Knee Ligaments: Understand The Options and Make the Right Choice for Your Dog

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Alphabet Grapefruit Soap

Having a few fun activities for your kids to do while they’re out of school makes the summer even more memorable. This soap recipe is easy and the Grapefruit essential oil will help promote a positive and happy mood throughout the kitchen as you make it.
Then, when it comes time to use it at bath time, Grapefruit essential oil can help smooth the skin, and promote feelings of vitality that will continue to uplift mood. Your kids will also be excited to use their own homemade soap, free of chemicals and harmful artificial dyes.

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5 Easy Ways to Apply Essential Oils

If you need a better way to apply essential oils on-the-go, or you just want to make essential oil application more convenient, there are several oil application methods that will fit perfectly into your busy schedule. Keep reading for a few simple ideas that will make essential oil application even easier. 

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Oils in the Home: Bathroom

The bathroom is one of the best places to keep oils close by. From cleansing surfaces to freshening the air, doTERRA products make the loo a lovelier place to be. Here are some examples of products to use in the bathroom in your home.

doTERRA On Guard®—doTERRA On Guard offers a variety of cleaning products such as Foaming Hand Wash, Toothpaste, and Cleaner Concentrate to help keep your surfaces, hands, and teeth sparkling.

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Five Simple Ways to Relax

For many people, having time to relax may seem like a luxury. As you do your best to accomplish the tasks on your busy schedule, the thought of relaxation may have a negative connotation and even seem like a disruption that ought to be avoided. However, research has shown that learning how to relax your mind and body is crucial to handling the various challenges that life can bring. Luckily, finding ways to relax doesn’t need to be complicated or time-consuming. If you have the right tools, you can cope with stress effectively and stay relaxed throughout your day. 

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