July 2019 Natural Health News, Events & Freebies

July 2019 Natural Health News, Events & Freebies - doTERRA

What is your doTERRA story?

I always love to ask my customers this specific question…


Well, maybe you have not started incorporating doTERRA into your life yet OR maybe you are using dozens of products OR maybe you are somewhere in between.

The reason this question is so important to answer is because for many people they said YES to doTERRA because this wonderful company became a beacon of hope in their extremely difficult life…

-Health challenges
-Relationship challenges
-Financial challenges
-Career challenges
-Emotional challenges

Their doTERRA story is one filled with breakthrough, transformation, impact, and success.

doTERRA is so much more than an essential oil company.

It is also so much more than Healing Hands or Co-Impact Sourcing or Source To You…

doTERRA is a way of life that yields endless possibilities for those who are part of this wonderful experience.

I invite you to answer this very important question this month…


Let me know how I can support you this month and make sure to look at all of the wonderful promotions and resources below.

Becki Baumgartner
Your Holistic Life Coach

DoTERRA July Promotion!

Have you ever dreamed of owning your own bottle of Rose oil? One of the most extraordinary and renowned oils in the world, it is truly the crown jewel of any collection. It is also one of the rarest oils, but the difficulty of acquiring it only makes it more precious.

Take advantage of our Precious Petals promotion this month to get exclusive floral oils that you can’t get anywhere else (yes, even Rose)!

Here’s how it works

  • Bring in 2 customers with 100 PV initial orders, get a 15 mL Cananga oil
  • Bring in 4 customers with 100 PV initial orders, get a 5 mL Jasmine oil
  • Bring in 8 customers with 100 PV initial orders, get a 5 mL Rose oil
  • Bring in 11 customers with 100 PV initial orders, get Cananga, Jasmine, and Rose oil

“Customers” include Wellness Advocates and Wholesale Customers. To qualify, the customer must purchase between July 1–July 31, 2019.

The Rarest doTERRA Floral Oils—You Can’t Get These Anywhere Else!

This promotion will give you a chance to add three of the rarest doTERRA floral oils to your collection AND build your business in the process. You can’t find these oils anywhere else, so don’t miss out on this promotion!

Cananga: A relative to Ylang Ylang, Cananga is a unique flower that produces a calming and balancing essential oil. Cananga helps to soothe anxious or stressful feelings and promotes a healthy-looking complexion.

Jasmine: Jasmine has been beloved for centuries because of its beautiful, uplifting scent. The aroma of Jasmine oil helps to evoke feelings of joy, peace, and self-confidence.

Rose: A rare and prized essential oil, Rose oil carries the sweet aroma of rose petals. Rose promotes healthy-looking skin and reduces the appearance of skin imperfections. Plus, the romantic scent makes a great personal fragrance.

Mark Your Calendar! Upcoming Events…

Upcoming Natural Health Classes & Events

Learn About Private Individual & Group Classes

7/15/19: Intro to Reiki & Oils – Private Class for Aesthetics Students at Tennessee College of Applied Technology

7/27/19: Intro to Holistic Lifestyle – Private Class for Gordon Memorial UMC Annual Health Fair

7/30/19: I AM AMAZING! Workshop – 6-Week Life-Changing In-Person Workshop Registration Deadline

Saturday 8/3/19: Reiki 1 Certification Class & Attunement – Usui Shiki Ryoho – Nashville, TN

Sunday 8/11/19 Reiki 2 Certification Class & Attunement – Usui Shiki Ryoho – Nashville, TN

Sunday 8/11/19 Reiki 3 / Reiki Master Certification Class & Attunement – Nashville, TN

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Tons of important info for you!

Do your kids ever need a little motivation to wash their hands or body? Why not make it fun for them by creating soap in different shapes, colors, and aromas they enjoy? Click here for the full article.

Whether you are a professional athlete, a gym rat, or just casually enjoy working out, there are dozens of applications for essential oils that will improve your workout. Essential oils are a natural option for taking care of your body as an athlete. They can give you the edge you are looking for, and help you with rest, recovery time, and immune support. doTERRA has partnered with athletic facilities to provide athletes and their trainers with training on the benefits of oils. Here are a few of the recommendations from trainers about using essential oils for exercise, along with a few extra tips to help you along the way. Click here to read more…

The poet John Donne said, “No man is an island.” It is almost impossible to live without having an impact for good or ill on the lives of others. In no time is this more true than in times of devastating natural disasters, such as the earthquake and its numerous aftershocks in Nepal in April and May of this year. Moved by the plight of a nation already stricken by poverty, other nations all over the world have donated time, money, and manpower to help. doTERRA became part of that overwhelming response as the opportunity arose to have an impact and improve the lives of people traumatized by this disaster. Click here to learn more…

Essential oil experts will tell you that the characteristics of an essential oil largely depend on where it’s grown. For this reason, doTERRA actively seeks out the highest quality plants all over the world that produce higher quality therapeutic oil. This goal was a top priority when executives chose to source Cardamom essential oil from Guatemala. But, thanks to Co-Impact Sourcing®, finding the right plant is only part of the storyClick here for the full article…

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