doTERRA 2021 Holiday Offers: BOGOs & Bundles Available Mon Dec 6-10 While Supplies Last!

doTERRA 2021 Holiday Offers: BOGOs & Bundles Holiday Offer Graphic

Have you heard about doTERRA’s BOGOs and BUNDLES Holiday Offer??

Yes, You Deserve More BOGOs!

Check out the amazing BOGOs and specials that start Monday, December 6th!

You can only get them Monday, December 6th through Friday, December 10th… and only while supplies last!

BOGOs Buy Thinker® Focus Blend and get Rescuer™ Soothing Blend for free!

Thinker SKU 60206633

Wholesale $16 | 16 PVRetail $21.33

Rescuer wholesale value $15

Buy Peppermint 15ml and get Bergot Mint 15mL for free!

Peppermint SKU 30190001

Wholesale $22 | 22 PV

Retail $29.33

Bergamot Mint wholesale value $17

Festive Favorites… Bargains Bundled Just for You!

All of these bundles are available starting Monday, December 6th, while supplies last. (They’re not up on the website yet… I’ll post the links as soon as they are available!)

Limit of five for each bundle.

Beauty Bundle

Yarrow|Pom Capsules and Brightening Gel

SKU 60221087Wholesale: $65.00 | 55 PV

Retail $86.67 Wholesale

Bundle Savings $16

Oral Care Bundle

On Guard Mouthwash 100mL, On Guard+ Beadlets, On Guard Dental Floss, and tongue scraper

SKU 60221086Wholesale $25 | 15 PVRetail

Sweet Dreams Bundle

Mini Serenity Bath Oil, Mini Serenity Body Butter, and Serenity Restful Blend 5mL

$33.33Wholesale Bundle Savings $4.25

SKU 60221085Wholesale $16 | 10 PVRetail

$21.33Wholesale Bundle Savings $8.50

dо̄TERRA Balance Bundle

3-Pack 5mL Bottles

SKU 60221084Wholesale $22 | 20 PVRetail $29.33

Wholesale Bundle Savings $6.50

Northern Escape Bundle

3-Pack 5mL Bottles

SKU 60221082Wholesale $28 | 26 PVRetail $37.33

Wholesale Bundle Savings $9.50

dо̄TERRA On Guard Sanitizing Mist 5-Pack

SKU 60219991Wholesale $25 | 20 PVRetail $33.33

Wholesale Bundle Savings $7.50

If you have any questions or if I can help you in any way, just message me!